Beach bonfire or Glow dance party 15th?!?

Question by aj: Beach bonfire or Glow dance party 15th?!?
For my 15th next month!! So excited but i can decide on whether i want a dance party because i love dances and it would seem awesome glow in the dark. Ooorr a beach bonfire with some friends im from california and love the water so yeah haha. Or should i have a bonfire the day before and then the dance party the next day which i dont think would actually happen

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Answer by CrAzY TiMeS
You could do it all in one! have your bonnefire, at have music and dancing, glow sticks, smores, snacks, do whatever games you like, set up a kazebo and hang up battery operated lights, glow in the dark paint and make your poster like happy birhtday and stuff.

I have always wanted to have a bonfire!

answer mine please..

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4 thoughts on “Beach bonfire or Glow dance party 15th?!?”

  1. I would combine them. You could have a whole glowing-themed party.

    – Drink: Mix any flavor of Kool Aid with 1/2 cup of sugar, and add 2 quarts of cold water. Pour in a can of frozen grape concentrate, then stir until it is all dissolved. Then pour in a 2-liter bottle of cold ginger ale, stir gently, and serve. I suggest making this in a punch bowl.
    – On the cake, make it or have it made with edible glitter. Use sparkler candles instead of regular ones.
    – Make “Spark-mallows”: Stick a decorative toothpick into a marshmallow. Dip the marshmallow into milk, then into Jello powder or Pop Rocks candy. Serve on a decorative plate.

    Just before dark, gather everyone up, give them all glow stick bracelets, necklaces, etc. and have all the food, the cake, then presents, then have the bonfire. You can have the dance on the beach, and put ‘Wear Beach Dress/Clothes’ in the invitation.

    Hope this helps, and have a Happy Birthday!

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