Can somone tell me about New Moon?

Question by (:: Can somone tell me about New Moon?
i know it spoils the book but im desperate right now. or does anyone know of a website tht has like a time line of events or something??

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  1. For the meaning of the book through a more creative aspect:

    Elliott Smith’s legacy is best spoken by his records. For all the emphasis placed on his unhappy backstory and the distressing nature of his death, Smith left behind a body of work that defies and exceeds any stereotyping. Sadness may be the easiest emotional current to pick up on in his songs, but Smith’s expressive range was as wide as it was subtle; his music could be angry, funny, hopeful, and despondent, often at the same time. New Moon collects two CDs’ worth of material recorded around the same time as 1995’s Elliott Smith and its 1997 follow-up Either/Or, and unlike typical posthumous releases (not to mention second ones), is a genuinely worthy addition to a stunningly consistent catalog.

    Part of what makes both Either/Or and 1998’s XO so essential is Smith’s avoidance of “classic album” compartmentalization; you don ‘t get “the sad song,” followed by “the experimental song,” followed by “the upbeat song.” Smith didn’t record specifically towards any album, he just recorded– more or less constantly. At their inception, the songs compiled for New Moon were no less significant than those that wound up making the cut for Elliott Smith and Either/Or, and for the most part they’re no less developed.

    Smith’s signature style is more musical than it is aesthetic; from the lo-fi folk of Roman Candle through the muscular chamber-pop of Figure 8, Smith’s songwriting tics remain completely recognizable. New Moon is overflowing with characteristic melodic turns and unexpected chord changes, yet still covers a good deal of ground stylistically. The chugging acoustic guitar of “Big Decision” conjures Johnny Cash, while “New Monkey” subtly nods to a similarly titled Beatles song. Each song seems fully realized in its own right; for a 2xCD posthumous compilation, it’s unbelievably refreshing to not pick up even the slightest whiff of exploitative barrel-scraping.

    Like much of Smith’s material from this era, New Moon is by and large quiet, acoustic, and emotionally complicated. It’s easy to see why Smith’s music earned him a reputation as a “sad sack,” but such dismissals don’t really hold up to any scrutiny. When asked whether he considered himself a “lo-fi” artist, Smith once responded that he simply didn’t want the recording process to be “a drag.” Smith’s interest in the the expressive potential of recording comes through loud and clear on New Moon; even when the subject or tone of a song is depressing, it still carries an unmistakable note of joy.

    Which is certainly not to say that New Moon finds him sounding “happy.” Many of the songs here are almost unbearably melancholy, but their weight is the product of expert craft, not wanton self-indulgence. The coda of “Talking to Mary”, in which Smith repeatedly intones “One day she’ll go/ I told you so,” would not be nearly as powerful without the subtle tension and movement in Smith’s guitar part. “All Cleaned Out”, which hints at the musical and lyrical concerns that Smith took up with XO, is made all the more affecting by a second vocal line that injects well-placed harmonies into an already memorable melody. Every musical decision on New Moon feels both intuitive and considered; never obtrusive or distracting, but thoroughly rewarding when examined in depth.

    Nowhere is this clearer than on an early version of the career-making “Miss Misery”. This is the fourth, and earliest, version of this song that I’ve heard, and it speaks to the incredible care and refinement that went into Smith’s recordings. The melodic backbone of the song is definitely present on this version, as are formative fragments of the lyrics, harmonies, and arrangements. It’s fascinating to hear this track in such an early stage, but downright humbling to connect the dots to the song it eventually became. Smith had an uncanny and arguably unmatched talent for developing his music to suit his ever-evolving arrangement and production techniques, and every intermediate version of “Miss Misery” makes perfect sense the way it’s performed and recorded.

    Phrases like “rare talent” are thrown around all the time these days, but this compilation makes painfully clear just how unique and valuable this music is. Smith’s visionary qualities were not terribly flashy or transgressive, and his great musical gifts were not those of innovation. Instead, he steadily and quietly wrote, honed, and recorded a body of beautifully executed, deeply moving records not quite like any others. Consider him the patron saint of hobbyists, a talented and dedicated craftsman with a tireless love of the creative process.

    New Moon is a young adult romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer. It is Meyer’s second novel in the Twilight series. This book, unlike the previous entry, is about losing true love. It was originally published in hardcover in 2006.

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    [edit] Plot summary
    Isabella “Bella” Marie Swan is thrown an eighteenth birthday party by Alice and Edward Cullen, the vampire she loves, and the rest of their vampire family. While unwrapping a gift, she receives a paper cut. Jasper, the newest member of the family to attempt a non-human diet, lunges for Bella, overwhelmed by the scent of blood. Edward leaps between Jasper and Bella, shoving her backward. Bella crashes into a pile of plates, breaking them and cutting her arms on the shattered crystal. Edward and his family protect Bella, but the realization of the danger Bella faces due to her proximity to vampires terrifies him. Edward reveals that he believes vampires are soulless creatures who will not experience an afterlife. Edward constantly struggles with his relationship with Bella because he does not wish to turn Bella into a “soulless monster” like himself. Edward convinces Bella that he doesn’t love her anymore, though he is lying, and he and his family depart from Forks in an attempt to keep her safe.

    Four months pass and Bella has become a “zombie,” existing but not really living. Trying to please her father, Charlie, Bella goes to a movie with her friend Jessica. When Bella spots a group of men in an alleyway, she remembers a time when Edward saved her before, and decides to approach the men. Bella then hears Edward’s voice in her head, warning her to stay away from them. Believing she may be on the verge of insanity, she concludes her subconscious mind is helping her believe that Edward cares whether she lives or dies. Thinking that the delusions are triggered by recklessness or being in a dangerous situation, she seeks other ways to trigger Edward’s voice.

    Jacob Black, Bella’s friend from the nearby Native American reservation, returns in New Moon. Bella finds two motorcycles on the side of the road and decides that they are the perfect way to hear Edward’s voice, being dangerous and reckless. However, they need work and she remembers that Jacob has some mechanical skills. Jacob agrees to fix them and teach Bella how to ride. When Bella rides, Edward’s voice scolds her for being “reckless and childish and idiotic.” Jacob and Bella become very close friends, with Bella relying on his warmth and friendship in order to heal from the depression caused by Edward’s leaving. Jacob is romantically interested in Bella, even though she makes it clear that she wants nothing more than friendship with him. Once, he tells her about Sam Uley’s gang. He says he is worried because Sam is looking at him strangely, and he fears he will be drawn into the strange cult.

    Jacob suddenly becomes very ill and fevered, but Bella faces firm resistance when she tries to contact him. Finally, Bella contacts his old friend Quil Ateara, only to learn that Jacob has become a follower of Sam Uley. Anxious without Jacob in her life, Bella fears she may slip back into her “zombie phase.” Desperate, she returns to the meadow Edward had once taken her to in an attempt to get close to a past memory. There, she runs into the vampire Laurent, who tries to attack her. When a pack of giant wolves appear and scare off Laurent, Bella escapes.

    Bella confronts Jacob, who is forbidden to explain anything to her. However, he tells her that she already knows because he told her the first night they met. Bella eventually recalls a story about werewolves and vampires and realizes that Jacob, and the rest of Sam Uley’s gang, are werewolves.

    Bella’s life becomes even more difficult when Victoria arrives in Forks. Victoria seeks to avenge her mate, the vicious tracker vampire James the Cullens destroyed in Twilight. Rather than kill Edward, Victoria sees killing Edward’s “mate” as a fair trade, not realizing that Edward and his family have left Forks. It is up to Jacob and his werewolf pack to protect Bella from Victoria’s revenge. Bella spends most of her time wandering around alone since Jacob is often away with the pack searching for any sign of Victoria. She soon gets frustrated, desperate to hear Edward’s voice. Although she had planned to try cliff diving with Jacob, she cannot wait, and jumps alone. The weather is tumultuous, and the current pulls Bella under. She hears Edward’s voice pleading with her to try to fight the water, but soon she is too fatigued and resigns herself to death. Her last thoughts are “Goodbye, I love you,” before Jacob saves her life.

    Afterward Bella and Jacob learn that Harry Clearwater, a friend of

  2. I think wiki too,but I can tell you about it. In the begining Bella goes to her 18th birthday party at the Cullens .While opening a envolope she slits her finger and it bleeds. Jasper almost attacks her and she is thrown into a mirror.She gets glass in her arm,and Carlisle has to pull it out.Edward leads Bella in the woods and tells her they have to leave and she can never see him again.She is in a several month deppresion and then she starts hanging out with jacob.She finds out that when she does something dangerous she can here Edwards voice in her head which comforts her.For Valentines Day she goes to see a movie with mike and jacob ,mike is sick and jacobs fore head is very hot. He goes home. Bella calls Jacob and Billy won’t let her talk to jacob.One day jacob climbs through her window and gives her hints about him being a werewolf. One Day Bella cliff dives and Alice saw that in her vision and she told Rosalie not to tell Edward,but she does.Alice came to visit Bella at her house .Charlie wasn’t there because he was at Harry Clearwaters funeral.Jacob takes Bella to her house and they see Alice.Edward calls Charlie and asks for Charlie but Jacob answers the phone and tells Edward hes at a funeral.Edward makes a disision to go have the Vultri kill him ,because he thinks that is Bellas funeral.Alice she sees that in a vision and her and Bella go to Italy to stop him. The Voultri regect his proposal , so he goes out to expose the vampire kind by steping in the sun. They save him and have a encounter with the voultri.They get back and Bella asks the Cullens if they want her to be a vampire ,the over all vote is Yes. If you have any questions email me.Hope it helps!! 🙂

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