Candle and soap making?

Question by dna_lih: Candle and soap making?
I’m going to be working in a summer camp teach candle and soap making. I need to come up with ideas for projects and where to buy supplies in bulk and how to figure out how much i would need to buy.
The kids will come in for 2 days, an hour a day, and they need to do a soap and candle project/s within that time.
But i really need t figure out amounts of wax and saop base that i would need to order. so any help i could get would be much ppreciated.

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Google them. There are many sites online where you can get ideas as well as buying bulk online. If you dont want to order online see if you can find it somewhere locally, by calling the store and asking. It never hurts to ask!
Have fun, and good luck!

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A documentary about the candle making training held in Madhawaliya Community Learning Centre.
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7 thoughts on “Candle and soap making?”

  1. Hmmm Michaels has lots of stuff…i dont think it requires tooo much to do a small project.
    This is a great website for recipes and mail order goods!

  2. Try Micheals craft store! I kno wI’ve bought soap base there before and they sell it in big tubs too. As to how much you need, it melts and then hardens, but it never changes size, so I would say just to do it by sight. And it all depends on how big the soaps are that you want to make. They also sell fun molds, colors, scents, and other fun stuff to put in them. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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