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How To Make Soy Candles

How to make soy candles is a most commonly asked question by me from many of you , there are many times when you need to make soy candles at home and you are not aware of the exact steps to be followed for making it. How to make soy candles can be a question which can be solved by going through this particular article of mine, you need to read it carefully and you will learn the steps to be undertaken for making candles.
How to make soy candles is easy

No doubt soy candles have gained immense importance and these are used throughout the world for decorating the house on different occasions. There are many occasions when you need to make the candles at home like when there is Christmas, birthday party, Halloween party, wedding ceremony, Valentines Day, wedding anniversary, in bridal room on dining table or on any other occasion.
How to make soy candles: things required

Well for making soy candles at home you need to have few items with you ranging from most personal to the generic ones. You need to have wax the first and foremost thing, there on you must have wicks, pouring pot, water pot, thermometer, heating device, crayons, paints, beads, ribbons, soy wax, double boiler, pencil white paper, dye, fragrance, sharp knife, wooden spoon, candle color, candle scent, old coffee cans, saucepans ice cubes, phone call, and first aid box fro emergency purposes.

After collecting all these items you must follow the steps to be undertaken for making soy candles. Soy candles can be made exactly in the same way as other candles like ordinary candles can be formed.
How to make soy candles: steps

Well soy candles making requires you to gain information about the steps to be undertaken, first of all you need to gather old glass jars, small jars would be a good idea for initial start. Wash the gar and then dry it before mixing ingredients in it.

Microwave soy wax so that it can get quite hot, thread the wick, and attach it to the wax, pours the melted wax in the jar, add few drops of scented oil or candle scent and fragrance for making candles scented. There after leave the mixture to set, the candle would take the shape of the container in which you have placed it. There after you can melt the candle and give it any shape which you like
How To Make Soy Candles

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Wholesale Restaurant Supplies And Equipment

The word Wholesale means buying in large quantities and a restaurant is a place where things are needed quite quickly. Buying straight from wholesalers reduces the following

1) Eradication of Middlemen like distributors

2) Reduce Prices

3) Increase discounts

4) Increases overall profitability

5) Time to make the products available to the end customer

6) Better customer service

Now talking about restaurant. It’s a place where people come for the following

1) To have a nice time with family and friends

2) Business meeting

3) To hold auspicious occasions

4) Important meetings and

5) Holidaying

For restaurants to run smoothly and efficient cost plays a prime role. The value which it provides to the end customer plays a key role in this competitive world. Once a bad reputation can ruin the whole restaurant’s name. Keeping the above in mind, the restaurant owner offers for its food, stay and other amenities plays a key role. Restaurant owners will have to continuously leverage on new ideas to keep the restaurant running keeping the cost of these ideas in mind. The word wholesale comes as a boon to these restaurant owners. They partner directly with the manufacturer by eradicating the retailers and the resellers and get the products at a discounted value which is otherwise offered in the market. Restaurant owners can benefit themselves by buying bulk products which are necessary for day to day functioning from these so-called wholesale buyers. The wholesale owners can also increase profitability by partnering with the restaurant owners

Now taking about Wholesale restaurant equipment, below are some of the equipments which may be bought directly with the wholesalers

1. Grinding machines

2. Refrigerators

3. Cleaning products

4. Stationery

5. Bedding

6. Electronic items

7. Toiletries

8. Crockery

Frankly speaking the list is endless and one can add to the above list not in the same order and not get tired out of it. Since restaurant owners need the Wholesale restaurant equipment on a time and gain basis, it becomes necessary to keep building relationship with various manufacturer. The wholesale restaurant equipment has come has a boon to various hoteliers who benefit with the high amount of discount which they enjoy. Since the restaurant owners know from where there supplies are coming the chance of getting damaged, semi standard products are also less. Since the companies name is also on stake it becomes very important for the equipment owners to provide the best in class products to create a niche in the market. The growth for these Wholesale restaurant equipment owners are humongous and if targeted in the right manner can create a market position for them.

The restaurant owners are also satisfied with the overall time to market and also by knowing that they are getting the same products with a price below what the market is offering.

Restaurants owners have identified the need to understand where the cost of day to run is going and many of them have noticed that it’s the wholesale equipment which they need to deduct the cost.

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Introduction to Candle Making Molds

If candle making is a particular hobby of yours, you are definitely not alone. You see, candle making is a very popular hobby, surely one of the most popular today. And since it’s so popular, there’s a ton of supplies and products available that will aide you in creating beautiful candles more quickly and easily. One product, and the second most important in my opinion, are candle making molds. Candle molds are amazing because no matter the shape or size of the candle you’ve decided to create, there’s a mold for you. If there isn’t for whatever reason, no sweat! You can always just create your own.

Candle making molds are a kind of container that you put your melted wax in to let it cool. Your wax, once cooled, will retain the shape and size of the mold you use, so choosing the proper mold for your project is essential. Molds can be made from a ton of unique materials and exist in all manners of shapes and sizes.

They can be utilized for any number of purposes, too.

A type of mold that is particularly popular these days is the aluminum candle mold. Homemade candle makers appreciate aluminum molds for their durable and heat resistant qualities. They also cause the candle when finished to have a smooth, seamless finish, giving it the look of being made professionally. This kind of mold is used commonly in the creation of votive and pillar candles. Aluminum candle making molds are simple to clean and fairly inexpensive when compared to rubber molds.

There are, however, a few cons to using aluminum candle making molds. They are notoriously inflexible, so you have very little control over the size and shape of the candle made with an aluminum mold.

If you would like flexibility in those aspects, you would be much better off with a rubber based mold.

There are various types of rubber making molds available. Polyurethane molds are just one example. They are flexible and less expensive than silicone candle making molds. But they also have some problems you will have to deal with when using them. For instance, they don’t stretch well and they have a strong smell that could potentially be transferred to your candle. They also require you to use a releasing agent to remove your candle once it has finished hardening. These candle making molds, similar to aluminum molds, are used in the creation of pillar and votive candles.

Another material used in making rubber molds is silicone. These are expensive candle making molds, but their versatility and overall quality make up for the cost. This kind of mold does not leave seams in the candle, similar to aluminum molds, but unlike them, they are flexible and can be stretched, so you don’t need a releasing agent to get your finished candle out of the mold.

If you are looking for something really inexpensive and simple to use while just starting out I would suggest plastic candle making molds. They don’t really offer any flexibility and they don’t stretch at all, but they’re easy to clean, dirt cheap and relatively simple to use. Did I mention they were dirt cheap? The reason I said dirt cheap twice is because plastic candle molds tend to wear out really fast, so you’ll actually have to buy them more often that the other kinds of mold.

I would not suggest using this kind of mold for anything but your initial projects. The ones where you’re still learning and your candles are going to look kind of weird anyway. Once you get past that stage, please move on to one of the other kinds of candle making molds mentioned above. Your candles will appreciate it and so will the people who are receiving them.

Angelic is a homemade candle maker and an enthusiast of the craft. If you wish to learn more about candle making molds, please visit

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Candle Making At Home – Learn How To Make Candle

A candle is a solid block of fuel, which is made of wax and an embedded wick which is lit to provide light and sometimes heat. Most candles today are made from paraffin but it is sometimes made from beeswax, soy wax and other plant waxes. There is also another type of candles, the gel candles which is made from a mixture of paraffin and plastic.

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Candle making today have gained so much popularity, which brought about the rising number of people seeking to learn how to make candles. It is either a form of hobby or for the purpose of business.

Learning how to make candles at home is easy and a lot of fun. The supplies that you will need are crock pot or a double broiler, thermometer, candle wax chips (preferably pre-formulated for candles), glass container with a lid (for the candle), an appropriate sized pre-tabbed wick (the larger the jar, the larger the wick diameter needs to be in order to burn a puddle to the edges of the jar), essential oils or scented candle oils and food coloring.

The first step is to heat the wax in the crock pot, while the wax is heating, pre-heat the candle jar in the oven on the lowest setting.

When the wax reaches 160 degrees mix scented oils first and stir, then add food coloring and stir. Avoid having a very high temperature. Now, take the candle glass out of the oven and pour the candle ingredients into the jar and straighten the wick. Stick the wick to the base of the jar to make the wick stand straight up on its own.

Let the candle completely cool at room temperature, this will usually take around 6 hours. If it has completely cooled down, trim the wick and your ready to use your very own candle. You can also be creative and use different containers as mold.

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This author writes about Candle Making Technique and Candle Making At Home

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