Could you please help me with English?

Question by : Could you please help me with English?
Is there any update regarding the job offering?

What does this word “offering” mean?

Thank you.

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Answer by A H
An “offer” is when you have something – an apple, a position of employment at a company, a candle, whatever – and you are willing to give that thing to someone else but the decision is there’s if they want to take it. Someone may “offer” me an apple, but I don’t want it so I would say “no thanks”.
If you add the suffix “ing” on to “offer” it makes “offering” which changes the words use a little bit. So, if I were asking you this question I would have said “Is there any update regarding the job offer”, not “offering”.
There isn’t quite enough context to tell which direction this question is going, if you are hiring someone or if you’re the one trying to get hired, but here is one scenario using different words instead of “offering”.
Lets say you work as a manager somewhere and you need to hire someone. You interview a person and give them your email address. After a few days they might email you and ask “Has a decision been made if you want to ask me to work for you yet?”

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