Creative uses for old toilet paper holders?

Question by Spinich: Creative uses for old toilet paper holders?
What would be something cool I could make from these cardboard tubes? I feel bad throwing them away…

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Gel candles
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7 thoughts on “Creative uses for old toilet paper holders?”

  1. Throw them away…..they have been close to the toilet and everytime you flush the toilet,bacteria aerosolizes and travels through the air and inevitably, some will be on those cardboard rolls.

  2. Elementary schools can usually use them if you have a large amount of them.

    Someone suggested a candleholder, be very careful with that… paper and fire can be a little risky.

  3. In addition to the great answers already given (my kids love making “christmas crackers” out of the tubes, by the way):

    1) Firestarters. Stuff with old dryer lint and pour in melted wax from your old candle stubs, then put them under your wood next time you try to start a fire. Light the tube itself. They really work!

    2) Kid bracelets. Cut down the long side, then cut into rings. The rings can be decorated with markers or glue stuff on them. Cutting the ring allows it to be opened and put around the small wrist. Just for fun, not long term jewelry, of course.

    3) Napkin rings for kids’ parties. If you don’t like the idea that they’ve been in the bathroom, use paper towel tubes.

    4) Marble games. Use tubes and masking tape. You can make a long, twisting contraption and drop a marble in one end, for it to roll out the other end. Kids love this one.

    My dad used to put them around extension cords for storage, loop the cords, slide them through the tube. I’ve also included links to websites that have lots of ideas. Great question!

  4. I have used them to raise seeds in, when the seedlings are big enough you can put the whole thing in the ground and the tube just rots away, good for the earth, you go boyfriend……

  5. Give them to people who have hamsters as pets. They love to chew them and hide inside them. Schools often use them for craft projects, too.

    Recycling is great!

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