cute projects….?

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Question by lilk3642: cute projects….?
for toddlers/preschool kids to send to relatives??

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Answer by I‚ô•EnglandcosImEnglish
cards/pictures (bright markers! glitter.. paint perhaps)

picture frames

there’s plenty of stuff you can buy at places like AC Moore and Michael’s like wooden shapes and objects that you can paint

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2 thoughts on “cute projects….?”

  1. Fingerpaintings! But that can be messy… Anything with a handprint on it or making their own picture frame for a picture of them is good. All those things are easy to mail too. It is fun and cute to paint/decorate a shirt with fabric paint too for your relatives, they love it, it is useful and fun to do, you can even use handprints! Make sure you write their name for them if they can’t for those forgetful relatives to remember where it came from years later.

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