Did it mean something? i hooked up with my bestfriend!?

Question by littleboots: Did it mean something? i hooked up with my bestfriend!?
zomg.. and i loved it?
i’d never done anything like this before. i had a one night stand with my bestfriend. partied at a dj’s house we shared some drinks, smoked out hookah *(which can be pretty relaxing and mood setting) and candle lighting everywhere *(good music) haha. then it was three of us on a couch hands under blanket wondering. my bestfriend asked me to come home with her even though someone else wanted to take her home and she said some pretty provakotive things.. not to mention all the massaging that went down under the covers..HA! she kept teasing… we went back to her place.

like i said i’ve never done this before but the clothes came off and i was pretty shaken and turned on and out of breathe… (sexual tension!)

but so much for that i could barely kiss or touch the way i wanted to..i made her shake and say baby… but in that moment i remembered that she told me she’s a good actress(a few days before this). (she’s a scorpio and she is always active heheee *if you know what i mean! … and very experienced).

at one point i told her i didn’t know what to do..i kind of froze up and she kind of laughed and wrapped her arm around me then kissed my forhead and said i didn’t have to do anything……. then i got all amped and said no! lets do this……..does she like me? or is she playing?
..( was she laughing at me? or smiling because she was comfortable in this situation, or because she just horny and doesn’t care)

when i asked her if it would be weird for us the next day she said of course not…i told her i didnt want to lose my bestfriend. and we hung out that whole day.. ­čÖé as usual except i even went out for dinner with her fam (something i’ve never done) and today she’s texting me..so did i screw up my chances with a pro..? is she playing me?

i want to know what you think. i also want to say the girl i’m talking about isn’t just any girl she’s my bestfriend. she posed for a calendar with miss canada..this month and brought me to the event.. not that that matters she’s genuine and drop dead gorgeous and i’m friends with her because she makes me laugh. she’s beautiful inside out.. she surrounds herself with real people and good people and she loves eher family. the only bad thing is she is a player and she switches it up… she’s also a loud mouth and i would die if anyone ever found out about our little adventure!
loving this positive feedback.. ps i’m not looking for a relationship with her. HAHA! but i feel like i’m free falling or out of my element in a good way. RUSH.. i know she always has a couple on the go. send me a message for more questions i would love to elaborate on this with anyone on here cause obviously i’m not with my 1st base contacts
did it really sound like a penthouse story? lol this is definetly true and i guess fantasies to come true..
no ones answering more…….. maybe sharea story? i dont know! im lost

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Answer by R. Gaspari
This is awesome.

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22 thoughts on “Did it mean something? i hooked up with my bestfriend!?”

  1. I think I read this in Penthouse Forum last month.

    I enjoy your work.

    PS – I don’t think you screwed up anything. You just had a good time and so did she and if you’re into it, you could probably make it happen some more in the near future.

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