Do you know the difference between making love and having sex?

Question by D’jango’s Woman: Do you know the difference between making love and having sex?
I see reference here to sex and ‘doing it’ and some other descriptions but little about love making. One is like vanilla ice cream and the other is a Peanut Buster Parfait with extra nuts and fudge. So let me know if you know the difference but remember this is a family site…I’m not a censor but I work as one for TV…SO remember we have some younger ones on here.
How do you define the difference if any?
@ the troll calling themselves Amber…get off my question…cause I can’t stand cowards and humorless attempts insulting people…go back to your basement.
Let me be clear…making LOVE is definitely the parfait…believe, people…believe~

Best answer:

Answer by Amber Goldstein
i be lovin my black menz, and i be ridin them mandingos like a pro
then again i was a prostitute, which is were i got all my skillz from

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8 thoughts on “Do you know the difference between making love and having sex?”

  1. lol who says making love has to be vanilla
    it’s also sex but u’re romantically involved with the person you’re doing it with

    having sex might be with a person you ‘re attracted to (not necesarily in love)

  2. Hmm…

    I compare the two like this: tacos at a drive up window or an elaborate meal prepared at home complete with table cloth, silverware, wine glasses, and music…

    Yes, they’re both “sex” but when making love, it’s all about enjoying the journey and savoring the activity FULLY. Love making could take hours, that’s how much I like pleasing the person I love. There’s the bathing one another, massaging, touching, whispering, laughing, foot tickling, the love games (like using fingers to trace words on the person’s back and give them an “award” if they guess correctly). Love making begins the moment you get home, continues at the dinner table, leads to a tub surrounded by candles, it’s the taste of the chocolate & fruit from the tray near by, the sweet scent of the bath oils, it’s all the silly and sexy things you allow me to do to your body that no other man could or even would think of doing,

    All that is “love making” and we still ain’t got to the intercourse. What’s the rush? There’s always time to make love. It doesn’t always have to take 2 hours but when it doesn’t, I know we’re both fantasizing about the “other times” when we did take 2 hours. Really, how long does it take to “trace a secret word” upon your body while I’m making love to you? All it takes is my ability to think about YOU instead of being all into my orgasm. Making love is “I’m working harder for you than I am for myself” and you’re doing the same for me. OK, I’ve said quite enough.

    The brain is a man’s biggest sex organ. Most of us don’t believe it and won’t be convinced. Visit the Men’s Health Forum sometime and see for yourself.

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