FAKE!Stuffffffff i need help!?

Question by Clinton Sucks!: FAKE!Stuffffffff i need help!?
OK im on this team and we need help!!!Ok if u hav ever gone to a Lazy Boy or anther furniture store they have lik fake food on the chairs to show how blank is or wateva but i want to no how to make like fake food: Beer, Pie, Coffe, Milk, and so on so if u can find a website bout this give me it please!!!!!!THNX!

(i dont want a website on fake candles either!)

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Answer by demimonde00
Hobby Lobby usually carries some fake food.

Otherwise, you could just make it! Take a coffee cup and fill it with plaster/clay/paper mache and then paint it dark brown like coffee. Get a milk carton, pour out the milk and rinse it very well and then paint/cover it with paper and your own milk company design. Cover a soda can in the same way to make “beer.”

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26 thoughts on “FAKE!Stuffffffff i need help!?”

  1. What kind of dipshit comes to a video about making candles and asks who makes their own candles? Obviously, a lot of the people who come to see the video are interesting in making candles.

  2. Awesome video!! I absolutely love this!.. I am new to YouTube. I only have two videos.. but I would love it if you checked out my channel!(: thanks. And comment on them. Give me some ideas on what to make a video on next!(:

  3. go to the thrift store, you will find tons of cheap containers for your candles, also the libbey contaibers Dollar Tree stores sells them for a buck! if not cut cilinders out of old thick PVC pipes at your local stores, or maybe your own backyard, they make great molds, oil the walls before pouring the wax…

  4. At camp one year we made Dirt candles.
    That’s when you dig a hole in the dirt and pour hot wax into it and then let it sit, then dig it up !!! 😉

  5. First you just put a carrot up in your ass, then you call the cops and say you’ve got two noses, then you follow the steps in the video and after that, brush your teeth, then the final step: stab out the eyes of the first person you see with a piece of your radio

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