help please!!?

Question by angel_little_emily: help please!!?
my childs second bithday is coming up and i need some ideas for her party.the guest ages range from 4 to 13. there will be boys and girls help please.

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Answer by angel_of_the_united_states
Maybe have a tournament of some kind. . .maybe a tic tac toe tournament where your child will challenge the champion. Or you could have the regular pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, etc. Good luck!

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  1. If the ages vary so far try setting up activities that the older kids could enjoy helping the younger kids with. By doing this you can keep all of them busy and interested and maybe same yourself some trouble.

  2. One thing you can consider is instead of a birthday party….how about a birthday breakfast or brunch? You can make “birthday” pancakes for the kids, top them with whipped cream, and your daughter can have candles on hers. Before and or afterwards you can have different games that they can play….and of course a pinata is always fun for the kids. If it’s warm where you live at, then you can also have a “slip-n-slide” party, at very minimal cost to you. Just lay out some Visqueen (plastic sheeting), open it up….get out the water hose and wet it very well, then put some mild dishwashing soap all over it (like Ivory). The kids will love it when they can run and slide on it. Just some ideas…….best of luck to you and have a good time with this.

  3. why did u not use two wicks that was a large candle and wont burn evenly
    like that. I find it easier to put the wickd in the bottom first that way
    it will burn all the way to the bottom

  4. What kind of fragrance do u use? I bought some from the Dollar Tree and
    when I poured a few drops in it the wax started boiling and ended up
    boiling so much that it boiled over the entire pot. Do u have any
    suggestions for me?

  5. I did, and I will admit that a year later, the gel turned a funny color
    (possibly from the pine cone and berries?), so I’d suggest using the full
    candle within a year! haha 🙂

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