Hobbies I can make money from?

Question by E: Hobbies I can make money from?
Lately I’ve been searching for an interesting hobby I can do while I can make some money. I’ve bumped into metal-detecting which seems fun but the thing is… Is there other hobbies I can have fun doing and make money from? Outdoor activities only, no online surveys!

If it matters I am 17 year old male.
The dude who said to get a job, that is not what I asked for! I simply asked for a hobby, not a job.

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Answer by Giselle
Stealing..and then selling it

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7 thoughts on “Hobbies I can make money from?”

  1. Learn an instrument and play in a downtown setting for cash. Are you into sports? Try being a personal trainer for someone you know personally who could use it 😉 You can volunteer at a local animal, nature, or bird center. You may not get paid but it looks good on college and job applications. Hunting, gardening, fishing, or mushroom hunting would also be a good way to earn/save some money!

  2. You can make money taking people’s photos and portraits, all you need is a decent camcorder and software. You could use the software gimp to start out, it is free. Also, you can work on cars or detail cars. You can make up to 250 detailing car, so there is a lot of money to be made in this area. Also, you could walk people’s dog and charge around 12-20 dollars for a 30 minute walk. That sounds like a fun way to make some extra cash.

    If none of those idea interest you, then you can always mow lawns for cash. It may not be fun, but you could make over 100 dollars a day doing it. You could start a small house-painting business, you could paint people’s walls and fences. Painting is that hard to do, and you can make a lot of money. Next, you should think about cleaning. You could start a window cleaning business for under 100 dollars, and get started in no time. Doing storefronts would be best while starting out.

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