how can I finally be happy?

Question by mary.: how can I finally be happy?
I’m 16, stressed about school, self conscious, and unhappy. People always tell me I’m pretty but I truly don’t believe them. I plan on being an animal rescuer when I grow up, but I am soooo stressed about school. I’m supposed to be writing an english paper as I’m typing this right now. I go to therapy every monday trying to deal with stress and pressure, but I don’t know how well it’s going because the sadness and stress never goes away. I just want to be happy with my life. I have amazing friends and a great family, but I can’t stand all of the work I have to do and how bad I always feel about myself. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Hannah Cranor
You need to start seeing how good u have it. Try watching the world news about kids our age in different third-world country’sgot life going for them and yoyou’lleel great. Like Dorrie says from finding nemo. “i think its half full!” u need to start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. And then try making a list of things your unhappy with and the list wont be nearly as long as it feels when u see it writen i promis. then write a list of things that you can do to improve that and stick to it and youll feel a lot better. Lists help everything because then u get it outa ur head and onto paper and u say wow that dosnt look as bad as it did in my head and u feel less strstressed

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12 thoughts on “how can I finally be happy?”

  1. The work you have to do and how bad you feel about yourself? Maybe you can simplify the work you have to do or reduce it? At 16 some people petition to become legally emancipated minors, and you are probably about two years from graduation anyway. Perhaps you could downgrade to a lesser acadaeminc workload? Or just not stress about your grades and you will be a legal adut at 18 anyway…so just “get by” and don’t worry about it. Just write a paper, saying whatever it is you have to say, and do not agonise over it. Nor worry about the grade. So many people actually do not worry about academic diplomas and papers and feed hay to livestock on ranches or grow organic vegetables on an organic farm or care for little children…because there are ways of doing that without being hired by an actual business…you know that, if workers from other countries, some of them illiterate people from Third World countries, cook and clean houses and care for children, that you could too…after all, you only need one job. It is not as though you have to be a statistic or have millions of jobs…you are just one person do you just need one position in this big world, and surely you can find some kind of place somewhere in it. And don’t feel bad about yourself. What horrible crimes have you committed after all? What does it matter if you are pretty or not? there are some gorgeous people who are absolutely rotten and some ugly and some dumpy people who are sweet and delightful souls…so don’t base your self-esteem on something like your looks. You are a decent sort of human being and want to rescue animals so you have a heart.

  2. Thanks for this! I always wondered if there was a better way to keep the
    wick centered other than tying it to a pencil. lol Was it expensive to
    start up? I’d love to make my own votive and pillar candles, since so many
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  3. You are most welcome 🙂 The items don’t cost too much, the medium mould was
    about £10 the measuring tools are £1 or something. Wax varies in price
    depending on what you get. It is wiser to save up a little before you start
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  4. You are always out of something 😛 Wicks, wax colour 😛 hehehe I would use
    soy but Gnomeys not comfortable with the higher boiling point and I think
    he’d stress himself sick if I didnt listen to him! XD Blessings

  5. TY for sharing hun cool 🙂 I use soy as its handy being water soluble for
    any candle wax drips or for cleaning out old wax containers to recycle them
    YAY! I love making candles really need to get some wicks tho. out again lol

  6. Oh hon, thanks so much for this, I will certainly be trying when it is my
    days off work again. I do love candle making, it is relaxing and they feel
    more special in spell work, thanks for sharing this and many blessings xxxx

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