how can i get my boyfriend to be more romantic?

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Question by busymom: how can i get my boyfriend to be more romantic?
how can i get him to be more romantic? i know… i know… most guys just aren’t romantic! but a text or email now and then would be nice! i tried emailing and texting sweet things and got a 3 or 4 word response back. i’m not wanting a fairytale… but just a little romance! has anyone else found what works? … should i use the old chiche: have you been working out lately? you’re sooo muscley! 🙂

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Answer by z71tahoe288
tell him to be

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7 thoughts on “how can i get my boyfriend to be more romantic?”

  1. This is funny! I think every woman in the world is asking this question to herself. I think guys either are, or they aren’t. If they aren’t – there’s no way that they can be for any length of time – ok, maybe once after you ask them to… but what’s the point of that. If they are romantic, then they have no problem with it – but I don’t think it’s a learned thing. Let me know if you do have any tricks to getting your guy to be!! good luck ♥

  2. Well i live in a roommate environment, i have a male roommate i’m male he as beautiful girlfriend, i have beautiful women all the time at the house. I am very in shape and toned body, i have a 8 3/4 in penis, i walk around the house naked, i told my roommates GF that i will help her out with her romantic problem, that i would walk out of the room acting like i didn’t know they were at the house, with my cock erect, then get some water go back to the room but leave the room door open a little, she would then suggest to here boyfriend that they spy on what i was doing in the room. It turned both of them on and now everytime i have company, my roommate and his girl, spy and it flames there fire pretty good…

  3. Most guys are not into the romance things like females. He probably doesn’t even realize that you are wanting more romance. Guys are completely brain dead when it comes to things like that. The only thing I could suggest would be to initiate a romantic evening together and let him know that you want more of that type of “togetherness”. You basically have to spell it out for him that you want more romance in your lives. If that doesn’t work, he doesn’t feel the need to satisfy you and you should probably think twice about spending more time with him.

  4. I guess you could tell him flat out.. “Are you loosing interest in me?! .. I send you sweet things in emails and text messages.. but I just receive 3 – 4 words back.. I don’t want anything big.. just a e-mail, text message or call to know that you love me and care”..

    or talk to one of your friends and have your friends talk to him if your to uneasy to tell him straight to his face.. but do let him know how you feel somehow… because if he doesn’t know.. he’ll just carry on with his own stuff…

    my finance used to call me every day from work… talk to me for like an hour text me every break.. but then the calling got shorter… till like he’d call for just a few mins.. hardly ever text.. I’d be at home waiting to hear from him.. and it’d hurt.. I didnt say anything cause it thought, he’d be busy with his stuff… but it started to show and he could tell that i was upset.. my friends talked to him and now.. he calls and texts on his breaks…

    that’s something I’m hard with doing.. being able to communicate.. us girls have got to be able to talk to our boyfriends/fiances/husbands.. they cant always read our minds and know what we want…

    hope he gets more romantic! 🙂 you could give him hints here and there.. 😛

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