how do u make your own scented candles?

Question by michelle_love2706: how do u make your own scented candles?

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Answer by Suga Baby
get your starter kit at Home Depot, Wal-Mart or any craft store. then you make or buy, the scented oil to your liking. Just make a few practice ones, and then add more scents or create your own. Making candles is alot of fun…

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3 thoughts on “how do u make your own scented candles?”

  1. All I have ever done is get a scent that you like, you can get them at any hobbie store, and get the parafin wax or a candle kit and mix and match and mold. Presto! it’s done.

  2. Making scented candles isn’t difficult at all. It basically melting wax, adding color, scent and other additives, wicking, pouring and cooling.

    There are so many good sites you can learn from:

    You can actually take a free online course in candle making here:

    Candle Making Techniques has very good explanations and pictures of different subjects, especially the basics stuff:


    A VERY easy way to start is buying a starting kit. They come with everything (including was, wicks, dye, fragrance, etc.), and you can make “real” candles by using them. Check online or just browse your local craft shop.

    Now to get a good scent, it is recommended you use fragrance oils that are dedicated for candles. The standard amount you should use is 1oz (weight) of fragrance oil for 1 pound of wax – unless there are special instructions for that wax or fragrance oil.

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    And – the most important thing – don’t forget to have fun too 🙂 Good luck!

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