How do you celebrate the “day of the dead”?

Question by rocco: How do you celebrate the “day of the dead”?

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Answer by jenn
I don’t….but in mexico I think they have a parade and everything… should search el dia de los muertos….I think they have remembrance ceremonies for the dead….it’s neat really

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took at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire-Southern California. this lady was hand carving a candle.
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6 thoughts on “How do you celebrate the “day of the dead”?”

  1. I go to my Uncle’s grave in Ensenada with a lot of my family where we eat, drink and talk about him tell the twilit hours. We bring new pictures, a pack of cigarettes and a small bottle of Tequila for his grave (he loved and die with these things). If you remember someone, are they really gone?

  2. It is a highe celebration, very very traditional and nice.

    On November the 1st, people makes “altares”, tables with decoraation, food, photos, drinks, music, etc. We believe that during the night our death family comes and take the food, and the drinks, and dance with the music. Then the spirit of the food goes, and next day we eat te food. It is very important to put candles and xempazuchitl flowers to lead our dead family to the “altar”, we enjoy that day a lot! We think of the dead like a joke, not a problem, and it is a day to remember all of our loved family who have died.

    If you have the chance come and see what we do. It is amazing and very very nice!

  3. hello mam, i want to know the name of the glaze,its chemical composition and other alternative available to make candles look glossy and stronger.. please.. thanks in advance..

  4. Please somebody help me, I tried to make candles but by the time I carve the wax cracks and breaks, has a secret or is it something other than paraffin, is please help me – I am with the online translator because they do not speak English. Invested a lot and I can not lose thanks

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