how do you make candles?

Question by ABE c: how do you make candles?
I want to know how to make candles. I also want to know if I can add natural items in the candles to make scented candles. And if possible is there a way I can make a candle with a wood wick.

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Answer by f100_supersabre
Search “candle supplies” to find instruction manuals, kits, and materials.
In some cases yes.

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  1. Certainly you can make candles very easily. The simplest is to take two paraffin blocks, place a wick in the middle between them, and then stick them together with a bit of melted wax. But you can melt some wax, add any scented oils to them you like, and other things too, and pour it into a mould.

    Search for candle making on Google — it is your friend!!

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