how do you make homemade candles?

Question by the_phoenix_flames: how do you make homemade candles?
how to you make a homemade candle that smells good, (it doesnt matter if it smells just tell me how to make) and please im only 15 so try to make it simple

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Answer by kevin l
its easy just go to and they will tell you all about it
or you can melt crayon and put a sting in the middle

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3 thoughts on “how do you make homemade candles?”

  1. You can buy the wax and wick at a Walgreen’s, Michael’s or Longs Drug store. Break the wax into small pieces and put the pieces into a glass (or a metal) container, aka candle holder. Then melt the wax in the oven. Remember to monitor it constantly for safety reason. If you want a certain scent, just buy the scented oil and put in a few drops before or immediately after melting the candle.

    Cool the candle at room temperature.

  2. This is by far the EASIEST candle you can make which doesn’t even require melting wax:

    * Buy granulated wax
    * Fill a small container (e.g. votive holder) with it (no need to fill it to the top)
    * Insert a pre-waxed wick in the center of the container and trim it about 3/8 inch (12mm) above the wax surface.

    Your candle is done and ready!!!
    No melting, pouring or other messy stuff.

    Another easy way to start making candles is buying a starting kit. They come with everything (including was, wicks, dye, fragrance, etc. and full instructions), and you can make “real” candles by using them. Check online or just browse your local craft shop.

    For EXCELLENT instructions on all sort of candles see this very good link:

    And for all sorts of daily ideas, projects, news, tips and more candle making related information, you can visit my candle making blog:

    And – the most important thing – don’t forget to have fun too 🙂 Good luck!

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