how soon to stop working?

Question by Firey Red: how soon to stop working?
If you were pregnant with twins and worked at a job that was high stress and you were on your feet for 8 hours a day, how soon would you go on medical leave?
My husband and I need the money too…any advice on home jobs?

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Answer by channielynn
As soon as my DR told me to or as soon as my body started telling me enough is enough. Listen to your body, instinct is everything.

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27 thoughts on “how soon to stop working?”

  1. honey, this is all up to you, your husband, and most importantly your doctor. Sometimes, people are able to work until they have their baby, some aren’t. If your job is something that is literally taking a toll on your body.. it may not be good for the babies…. and while I understand the hardship financially.. your babies’ lives are much much more important. Relay all of these concerns to your doctor… and let him/her make an accurate suggestion. Always consulting your doctor is the best way to go! ­čÖé


  3. I would stop working when you feel that you are exausted near the end of the day. Your babies are most important. Working can wait. I work from home and I love it! It gives me time with my daughter and my husband.
    I work from home with two different companies and I love them both! They are both very legit and both great companies.
    The first is Passion Parties. I work as an independent consultant and I give parties for women around my area. I let them see, taste and feel items for sale. Then they buy them. Parties are tons of fun. I work part time making from $ 400-$ 1000 a month, depending on how much I want to work. There are lots of benefits working as a consultant for Passion Parties.
    Next, I am a consultant for Sweet Cupcake Candles. You can’t make “as much” as Passion Parties, but it’s completely free no strings attached. You get a free website the moment you sign up, you don’t need to pay a dime and you can sell all of our products to whomever you want (yes, even eBay)
    Good luck in whatever direction you go. Both you must be 18 years and a resident of the US or Canada

  4. Hi Marty! Thanks for´╗┐ your interest in ComposiMold! The link to our website is in the description to this video above. There are plenty of tutorials and more products available there. You can email info@composimold any time with questions about this specific project. We would be happy to help!

  5. Hi! I am looking to make a mold from a figurine I have.The figurine is made out of clay and has a´╗┐ hole in the bottom but I want to make it in wax as a candle and make a prduction out of it. Is there any website or email of yours that I can contact you so I can explain you better ,see your products and even more instructions?
    I will really appreciate your help ­čÖé

  6. this helps candlemakers save $ by buying this instead of a metal/aluminum mold, I am a candlemaker and will buy from you very soon, thanx for sharing this video it was awesome´╗┐

  7. Thanks for taking the´╗┐ time to watch the video about ComposiMold. You can see more examples of it working on our website. Have you tried it and had any particular difficulties?

  8. composymold looks like rubbish to me. better to use a REAL molding rubber. this would mean it cant be remelted but pouring hot material into a cold mold is going to create issues. seeing how this is just an add for an inferier product, i felt´╗┐ some facts were needed to ensure people dont waste money on garbage. thanks

  9. Also, (as an advertising plug) this may be a nice time to try ComposiMold as we are running a low cost trial of ComposiMold until June 2012 (or supplies last) at the ComposiMold website. 3.50 shipping (in US) for a 4oz´╗┐ trial size. Thank you!

  10. Thank you! The ComposiMold can be purchased online through the order page in the video descripton. (sorry YouTube doesn’t allow´╗┐ links in comments, a good thing). The ice cream is a plastic kids toy. In this video, we made the casting with candle wax, but we’ve also made it with plaster, ComposiCast, Hydrocal, and soap. Thank you!!

  11. Most of the waxes can be found in most art stores. The Beeswax was from Flying Bee Ranch (Great people!). Crayons were from an´╗┐ elementary art teacher. You can find quite a bit online by searching for wax or candle wax. Thanks!

  12. Thank you for the question! We’ve used paraffin wax, beeswax, crayons, and others. I do not remember what this particular wax was. I will find out and get back to you. I have never noticed any changes or cracking to any of the waxes when cooled. I could see certain shapes having cracking problems due to shrinkage. I’ll learn´╗┐ more…

  13. The original´╗┐ toy ice cream was a plastic/rubber kids toy. We could also have used polymer clay to make the shape first and then molded that.

  14. Thank you! We used ComposiMold (composimold website). It is a reusable mold making material that can be´╗┐ melted and reused. You are able to use it for candles and soap by cooling/freezing the ComposiMold prior to pouring in the hot wax/soap. Because the wax/soap cools faster than the ComposiMold heats, you are able to make unique candle designs!


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