I have $20 to spend on 20 people. What would make thoughtful gifts for my family members??

Question by Jayne with a “y”: I have to spend on 20 people. What would make thoughtful gifts for my family members??
My parents gave me 20 dollars for my birthday. I have been saving it so I could buy each member in my family (husband, Dad, Mom, 5 brothers, their wives, 1 sister, nieces & nephews) a nice gift.

I’m short on time, since they are all coming to our place for Christmas, so my options of making gifts are narrowing. (I had thought of some pages of writing from my journal, painted jars or ornaments, beaded earrings, a list of Christmas riddles, or a family birthday list, or use some cardstock to make “Grandma & Grandpa” booklets to store their grandkids artwork/notes/ photos in or make a paper stocking for each one and tape them in one area together so they know we are all part of the same family.

I was thinking of chapstick or lip-gloss, a candle or something. I don’t want to look cheap, but 20 dollars is all I have to spend on Christmas gifts this year and I’m thankful for that?

Any ideas come to mind???


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Answer by Rich Z
How about Lottery Tickets? You can get 20 for $ 20 and if they win they may collect a fortune. If they lose they had some excitement anyway.

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29 thoughts on “I have $20 to spend on 20 people. What would make thoughtful gifts for my family members??”

  1. Look for a dollar store near you. They always have lots of neat gifts that aren’t just cheap. I just got some neat candle holders I used at a gift exchange. They were fought over in a steal a gift game. I spent all of four dollars for all of it.
    Most of the stores have household goods, candles, toys, decorations for the house, some even have clothes.

  2. How about making little coupon books, with coupons for special “favors” you can do for each person (like do a least-favorite chore for them or give them a back rub or serve them breakfast in bed or other things like that)?

    You could decorate each coupon with a little picture of what you’re offering (either draw it or find pictures in magazines or on-line that you can cut out and paste on them). This would be a really personal and thoughtful gift!


  3. I bought some snowman figurines from Walgreens one year for everyone in my group at work and they really liked them. Check Walgreens or the local drug store. They have great gifts.

    You can also look into candles, chocolates or small Christmas ornaments.

  4. In several stores here, we have found(and purchased) some really rather nice calendars, and they were only $ 1. each! Not sure what you would do about sales tax. Maybe give your mom and dad one together? I loved the ones we bought.

    I hope YOU have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Maybe you could make a bunch of cookies, a couple different kinds and package them up and give them as gifts. You can find a lot of boxes and tins at all of those Dollar Stores. I made a bunch of cookies with my Mom this year to send as gifts to my family.

    The Food Network has LOADS of ideas for cookies. My mom and I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Biscotti, White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies, Molasses Crinkles, Nut Horns, just to name a few. You can choose simple things or more complex, depending on your baking skills (I’m new to baking so I needed my Mom’s help hehe).

    I hope this helps a bit. Good luck to you!

  6. Do you have a “Dollar Tree” store in your area? It is not just an ordinary dollar store. Everything in it is $ 1. or less, and they have everything including some really nice things like perfumes, nice candles, house wares, chocolates, jewelry, figurines, toys,etc. etc,. They are not the run of the mill cheapy- cheapo dollar store with crap not worth even a dollar, but more like an overstock outlet for nicer items.
    Other than that, I can suggest maybe make them a hand made gift of what ever kind you are good at. Good luck!

  7. Go to the Dollar Tree and buy some frames – they have some really cute ones for only a dollar – then put a nice picture in each. You could also buy everyone a nice calendar and fill in every ones birthdays and anniversaries. They also sell some cute jewelry makeup and hair things for teens and some cute toys for kids. I have also seen coffee mugs filled with candy, books (even some hard bound,) board games, and many other things that don’t look too cheap. Everything is a dollar and I’m sure you can get a buck or two to cover taxes ; ) Good luck!

  8. For the kids:
    Your nieces and nephews, assuming they’re little:
    Find some nice coloring pages online. (Search for “christmas coloring”) and print them out. (Free, assuming you have access to a printer.)

    Buy 1 box of crayons (buy at least 48). Split them up into equal piles, making sure each kid has a nice variety of colors. Tie the pile up with ribbon. Staple the coloring pages together into a coloring book for each child. Better yet, punch three holes in the pages and string ribbon through them to hold the pages together. For older children, you can probably find some Christmas word searches or other activities to print out.

    For the rest of the family:
    Bake a batch of delicious cookies. Even if you don’t bake, you can buy the pre-mixed cookies and jazz it up. Here are some ideas:

  9. I really want to ask if this was edible, and then I realized I misread the title
    I read ‘Candie making kit’ instead of ‘Candle making kit’

  10. i made a candle once on a school field trip it always fell over so i never lit it because i was afraid it would burn our house down and kill us all so i never did.

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