Ideas on how to make “quality time” with my husband?

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Question by annie78: Ideas on how to make “quality time” with my husband?
We have a 2yo and another on the way and just don’t have the time to go out as frequently as we used to. I’m try to make the time we have together (after the kiddo goes to bed) special and would love some ideas. Please, non-sexual ideas…

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Answer by ceviche queen
dinner and a movie
try to make dinner special and quiet time with a good movie

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4 thoughts on “Ideas on how to make “quality time” with my husband?”

  1. get a baby sitter, go out to dinner and a nice movie.
    or if staying at home, make a fire in the fire place watch a movie, read a book together, make desserts or if you have a hot tub that could be relaxing and fun. or take up some game, like a board game you two might enjoy or cards. just a thought. haha.

  2. Find out when is the next meteor shower and watch it outside wrapped up in a sleeping bag together.

    Play cards or board games.

    Choose some good old black and white movies and watch with the lights out and popcorn.

    Plan a weekend outing with your 2-year-old… plan something unusual together.

  3. watch your favorite movies/tv shows while you give each other back rubs/massages; make his favorite meals or foods and enjoy them with one another; help each other with your hobbies; play games together; just cuddle and talk about your memories together or plans for your future…. i dunno, hope something helps!

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