Is there a tutorial on how to make “ghost” pictures?

Question by Lady Macboob: Is there a tutorial on how to make “ghost” pictures?
Like the ones they make up on all those Paranormal ghost hunter shows….

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Answer by Chris
These are relatively easy!
You will need a few key pieces of equipment. – Firstly; a dimly lit area, try it in your living room for the first time maybe – a nice controllable location. -Secondly: A tripod: you need your camera to remain still for the entire picture. thirdly: any DSLR camera or a mid-range, fixed-lens DSLR.

In your shutter-priority mode (where you will control only the shutterspeed and camera will take care of the rest) set it to 30seconds (or the longest that is available on your camera, if it is less than 4 seconds it can be very difficult)

Take a picture and lets say in a 30 second photo… wait about 10 seconds, and then get into your camera’s view and walk slowly across the frame. (white clothes work well)

also, try taking a picture, same like the last, waiting ten seconds again and then jump into your frame, stand still for a couple seconds, and then jump out.

Just keep in mind that on a long exposure, things in motion will become ghosts, and things remaining stationary will appear to be ‘normal’. Try using a candle, or the light from a cell phone and wave it around in the frame. endless possibilities. hope this works for you – have fun!

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