Making a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter for a friend?

Question by Loose Lips Sink Ships: Making a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter for a friend?
So my best friend has finally given in and read Harry Potter, something she should have done years ago. She’s 17 and claims she just ‘wasn’t interested’. Now she’s obsessed and I kind of want to mess with her and brighten her day a little bit by making this letter. I have taken the exact wording from the real letter for this fake one. For the first piece of paper saying she’s been accepted, I have typed it all out on a typewriter, except the part where it’s Prof. McGonagall’s signature, which I have done in green calligraphy, like the book says it is. The second piece of paper is the list of what is needed for incoming students, I have done this entirely in green calligraphy. Both pieces of paper have been soaked in coffee grounds and water to give it a brownish color, then placed in the oven until it got crispy looking like parchment. I have done the same to an envelope (adressed to her full name with her address in a similar manner as Harry’s, instead of room under the stairs it would be like bedroom above the living room or something) which I will place both pieces of paper in.
I want to get a red candle and drip the wax onto the envelope and then brandish it with a wooden stamp like seal with the outline of the Hogwarts crest. Then I am going to stick it in her mailbox for her to find.

Does this sound fun/realistic and accurate? Anything else I could add? I’m not normally good at this kind of stuff and I want it to be as awesome as possible!

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Answer by Olivia
Tape it to a stuffed owl’s beak.
I would love to have a friend like you. This is amazing.

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3 thoughts on “Making a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter for a friend?”

  1. This sounds great!!! Many years ago my sister used to help me make “old” paper and we used to use a lit candle to burn the edges, VERY SLIGHTLY. To do this, you take the paper and put the edge of it into the flame and let it catch fire. Then hold the paper so the flame is point UP away from the paper (i.e. the paper is below the flame). Let the flame burn until a little bit of the paper is charged and then put it out. You can put it out using a damp rag and press the rag over the flame.
    Now, having said all this, in this day and age singeing the edge of paper like this would probably be considered dangerous etc. Do this with the supervision of an adult (if you aren’t one) so on and so on.

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