My friend come to my house and bosses me around!?

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Question by Adriana: My friend come to my house and bosses me around!?
I have a friend that is very bossy and comes over and does whatever the **** she wants. It really starting to get to me.
For example she told me to cook some pizza and I said I planned to eat hotdogs, she open the frezer and grabs it and throws it in the oven. I said we are not eating pizza and she gets snappy and says we are!! She has ALOT of horseplay and thew a pillow at a candle! She raids the fridge and takes whatever she wants.
It’s takes alot of force to make her stop it. If things don’t go her way she gets REALLY bad additude and gets smart with me AND NEVER takes no for a answer!
What should I do about her?

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Answer by Tiffy :]
Kick her out? It’s your property, your house. You are the power of the house– enforce the rules! Threaten to call the police. If your house caught on fire because of her throwing a pillow at a candle, she can go to jail. I wouldn’t consider her a friend either if she does that. She sounds like a mean girl O: It doesn’t matter if she has a bad attitude, yell at her that if she doesn’t stop goofing around you WILL kick her out. It’s your house, your rules! Good luck! xoxo

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6 thoughts on “My friend come to my house and bosses me around!?”

  1. Get a real bad attitude on her too
    And don let her into your house anymore
    And she don’t seem like a food friend since she doing that
    Eventually she will push you into doin things you don’t want to since she has a bad attitude and never takes no for an answer

  2. If she’s really that bossy and controlling, drop her as a friend. I was in a friendship like that and I felt sooo relieved when she was out of my life! Honestly, it’s your house, your property, your everything and none of it belongs to her. She can’t boss you around unless you let her. Don’t invite her over anymore! It may be difficult, but it’s the best things to do (:
    Good luck though! xoxo

  3. I wouldn’t invite her over anymore. That isn’t a good friend at all! It’s your house, and your rules. She doesn’t get to come over and boss you around. It’s not right! So, whenever she wants to come over again, just tell her you’re busy if you’re afraid you’re going to make her upset. If you really feel like telling her, tell her that whenever she comes over she always bosses you around, so you don’t want her over. She shouldn’t be treating you like that, anyway.

  4. You should put your foot down. honestly don’t let her walk all over you! pull her aside and have the courage to tell her shes out of order, if she is your friend she SHOULD understand 🙂

    all the best

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