NEED advice! Please, and thank you!?

Question by : NEED advice! Please, and thank you!?
There’s this guy. We met about 5 months ago through a mutual friend. He immediately was head over heels for me and I felt the same way about him.(he’s 20, I’m 19) Yesterday we kissed for the first time and I expected to have butterflies and just fall in love after that. Well, I didn’t. He kissed me many times and I just didn’t feel anything‚ĶI wanted to, but I didn’t. It completely changed the way I felt about him. I was excited to leave his house yesterday. I don’t really even want him to come over today!…somebody help! Any advice? And why would a kiss change it for the worse? Will I possibly fall for him again? Please please help me out

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Answer by Elizabeth
Maybe you just weren’t ready for a kiss yet. Don’t tell him not to come to you today but when he does come tell him you maybe rushed things up a bit. Also be prepared that might scare him off. Good luck.

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2 thoughts on “NEED advice! Please, and thank you!?”

  1. Unfortunately, sometimes the expectations and the reality don’t match up.

    Perhaps the situation wasn’t right or the timing?
    Maybe you need moonlight or candles or a dark car?

    I would give it one more try…..if you initially felt “head over heels” for him, then there must have been something there, right? And to wait 5 months for a first kiss is a loooooong time, so you had probably built up something amazing in your head and so your expectations weren’t met and you felt disappointed and/or turned off.

    Try again and this time, YOU be the one to try to make it work, find the right timing or a situation that makes you feel romantic.

    If it’s not there for you, it’s not there for you and unfortunately, you won’t be able to “make” it happen.
    But then, you must be honest and break up with your guy gently so he isn’t mislead.
    It’s not good to stay in a relationship if you’re not “feeling it” in your heart.
    Good luck!

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