Candle Making

With this Article we are going to actually learn how to make candles.all you need to make your candles is the wax (beeswax or paraffin), some dye (optional), some fragrance (optional) along with a mould or something like an old jam jar. Of course, you also need a wick… as candle makers like to say… making candles is wicked!

Some candles are easier to make than others. Although, all candles in this Article are relatively easy to make. This Article doesn’t contain information on difficult, complex or extremely time consuming candles.

This does not mean that the candles are boring. It just means the candles are simple and easy to make.

For example, you will be learning how to make multi-colored candles. Granted, this takes longer than making a single color candle, but for the most part, making multi-colored candles is easy and quick.

Here are some of the candles you will be learning to make:

Ice candles

Shell candles

Water candles

Tin foil candles

Angled candles

Jam jar candles

Chunky candles

Scented candles

Floating candles

Tapered candles

Cinnamon candles

Single color candles

Egg shaped candles

Multi-colored candles

Rolled beeswax candles

Orange scented candles

At the end, you will learn about some common candle problems and how to solve them!

Please Note: To save time and repetition, when writing directions for making candles, I will often simply say “melt wax” or something to this degree. It is assumed that you have already determined how much wax, dye, stearin, fragrance, etc. that you will need. It is also assumed that you know what the temperature of the wax should be before pouring.

Let’s begin!

Primarily speaking, candles are made from one of two types of waxes. These two waxes are beeswax or paraffin. Stearin, another form of wax is usually added to paraffin wax to help compensate for some of the qualities that paraffin lacks.

Although not mentioned here, in addition to beeswax another natural wax that was commonly used in North America was bayberry wax. In countries like China, people made candles from the wax of the tallow tree.


As you might guess, beeswax is taken from the hives of honeybees. Beeswax is entirely natural and is essentially the comb in which the honey is stored. A beekeeper will remove the honey and then clean the wax by melting and straining any debris from the wax. At this point, the beeswax is ready to use.

Until the invention of paraffin wax in the 1850’s, this was the best wax in use to make candles. But it was very expensive and thus only the rich and the church could afford to use beeswax candles.

Some will argue that beeswax is still the best wax to use when making candles because it is natural. Some have reported that other waxes can emit small amount of toxins, which normally cause no problems, but in excess could. When burning beeswax candles then there are no toxins emitted at all.

Beeswax is famous for being a slow burner and for producing a lovely aroma. It provides good light with little smoke. Beeswax also does not shrink when it hardens thus you don’t need to add extra after the candle has cooled.

Beeswax is pleasant to touch and is naturally golden in color although some will bleach it white. Beeswax is naturally soft and sticky thus it can be sometimes more difficult to release a beeswax candle from a mould.

Beeswax is more expensive than paraffin wax but for the naturalist, beeswax is worth the price. Some will not make 100% beeswax candles and instead, some will only add a small amount of beeswax to paraffin wax to improve the appearance of the candle and to help it burn bright and steadily.

If you add more than 10% of beeswax to a wax like paraffin wax then you will need to add an agent, like stearin, to help release the candle from the mould.

Beeswax can be bought in granule form or in sheets. If you buy the wax in sheets, then it can be simply rolled around an unprimed wick to make a quick, simple and attractive candle.

Remember to save any leftover beeswax as you can use it again or you can add it to paraffin wax to improve the quality of the paraffin wax candles.

If you want to add scents to your candles then beeswax is your best choice.


100% natural

Burns bright and steadily

Produces a wonderful aroma

Will not shrink after it hardens

Can be difficult to release from a mould

Beeswax is naturally golden but you can buy it bleached.

       2.Paraffin Wax:

          Paraffin wax is a by-product of the petroleum

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A Look at Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

It is often a good idea to purchase wholesale candle-making supplies. Buying in large quantities assures users that they will have enough wax, wicks, molds and fragrances to make several candles, instead of just enough to make a few. Also, consumers usually get discounts for buying candle-making supplies in larger quantities, making for a better value than buying smaller amounts. Home candle making is a popular creative activity, so there is a large demand for wholesale candle-making supply shops. Many shops offer large quantities of supplies to both professional candle makers and to consumers who make candles for fun. Candle-making supply stores offer buyers the chance to browse the inventory and find the waxes, molds, and scents that are right for them. Consumers who already have a good idea of what they want can shop online. Wholesale candle-making supply dealers on the Internet offer great deals on their supplies and may feature a wider variety of products than physical stores carry. Many online wholesale candle-making supply stores offer free shipping on large orders, thus making it an even better deal to purchase supplies in bulk. Many candle-making supply stores offer discounts to people who buy large quantities. For example, a pound of candle wax may cost , but three pounds may only cost . The same could go for other supplies like wicks or molds. Another advantage of buying wholesale is that people can make more candles at a time. Instead of only being able to make a few candles, then stopping and buying more supplies, candle makers can create many candles without running out of materials.

Kitty Hill has been in the wholesale business since 2000. She became one of the largest wholesale candle importers in China.

Question by Stacey F: Where can I find primitive/country unfinished wood furniture and home decor wholesale?
I am trying to start my own company by painting prim/country wood decor and furniture and reselling it at craft shows and little craft stores around Ohio but don’t know where to get the basics for my business. I will also be making my own candles so if anyone has any wholesale info on candle making supplies and acrylic paint that would be great!

Best answer:

Answer by blondie…ttc 4yrs and counting.
I do not know where you live but I have lived in the chicago area and in houston and there are always local Amish stores, you could go speak to them about buying in bulk and getting a good price.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

The art of making candles is not only a great source of recreation and artistic expression with all the required imaginative creativity that candle makers must put into their masterpieces. It is likewise a very sound and outstanding investment to venture into, given the low-cost setup and easy method of production. To jump start a candle making business and effectively sustain it, one of the initial and necessary component to deal with is the wholesale candle making supplies that every candle maker could never do without. Yet what if you only have a small candle making enterprise to start with? What if making candles is not so much of an income generating source for you but merely a form of recreation or hobby? Yes, you still would definitely need to consider buying your supplies in a wholesale basis.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale?

Like any other purchases, wholesale candle making supplies can be availed with great discounts and freebies at times if you buy them by bulk rather than in small or lesser amounts.

Aside from being so economical, having this mode of purchase saves you a lot of time and effort in going back and forth to your supplier. Having sufficient or even more supplies of materials for your business would surely boost your production, the speed of making more products and thus greater business or sale opportunities. Most suppliers would likewise give freebies and other service privileges like for the shipment and delivery of the supplies, especially if you do your transactions through online purchase. These are truly great deals that every business-minded individuals and candle enthusiasts must consider and grab.

What are Examples of Wholesale Offers?

Most suppliers have different promotions and special offers that candle makers could surely never resist.

The wide array of  products, sets and packages which are already complete and ready to use makes your venture extremely easy and convenient to make. All you ever need would be a great marketing strategy and you will surely discover how your beloved ventures soar into greater heights.

Here are some of the wholesale candle making supplies readily accessible in many stores in your nearest locale and online suppliers if you prefer to have your purchase in a faster and more convenient way.

Candle making starter kits. Most of this package would include items you most need to basically start with such as a pre-blended bulk of wax, an aluminium pot and mold pillar for the melting and molding process, wick pin, an assortment of dye or colour blocks, a starter book and a step-by-step and easy to follow guide especially for beginner candle makers.
Other craft supplies for your small business or chosen hobby of making candles are likewise offered from the packaging items, fragrance or scents, dyes or colours, mason jars, molding equipment and other important materials.

Purchasing wholesale candle making supplies is indeed a strategic step in order to boost your small business or just have sufficient supply for your worthwhile and creative endeavour.

For more great information on wholesale candle making supplies, visit

Question by Claire V: could you tell me where i can buy wholesale candle making supplies in Houston TX or the surrounding area?
In Houston or the surrounding areas?

Best answer:

Answer by Lucy Ray


You will find all the verified candle making supplies wholesalers you need there.They only list legitimate and reliable wholesalers and dropshippers from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, India, China and so forth.

to browse American wholesalers by keyword visit the USA wholesalers directory

Best wishes to you and your business.

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