Q&A: How do I cast a spell properly?

Question by lolaβ™₯: How do I cast a spell properly?
I found this spell (A wish spell) on the internet that I wanted to cast, but I have never had any experience in spell-casting or magick of any sort before. I don’t know much about it, really, but I just figured you did the spell and that was it. It’s a white magick spell, I won’t do black magick or any other sort of magick, so I know about stuff like that. Anyone who’s experienced in spell-casting or magick, or knows a lot about it, can you help me cast a spell properly, and help me with how to do it, please? Thank you.

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Answer by gee bee
go to google and write ‘how to cast a spell’ in the ask line and you will get something like this:

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then you click on the website therein….

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how can I finally be happy?

Question by mary.: how can I finally be happy?
I’m 16, stressed about school, self conscious, and unhappy. People always tell me I’m pretty but I truly don’t believe them. I plan on being an animal rescuer when I grow up, but I am soooo stressed about school. I’m supposed to be writing an english paper as I’m typing this right now. I go to therapy every monday trying to deal with stress and pressure, but I don’t know how well it’s going because the sadness and stress never goes away. I just want to be happy with my life. I have amazing friends and a great family, but I can’t stand all of the work I have to do and how bad I always feel about myself. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Hannah Cranor
You need to start seeing how good u have it. Try watching the world news about kids our age in different third-world country’sgot life going for them and yoyou’lleel great. Like Dorrie says from finding nemo. “i think its half full!” u need to start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. And then try making a list of things your unhappy with and the list wont be nearly as long as it feels when u see it writen i promis. then write a list of things that you can do to improve that and stick to it and youll feel a lot better. Lists help everything because then u get it outa ur head and onto paper and u say wow that dosnt look as bad as it did in my head and u feel less strstressed

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Q&A: Nautical Party Ideas?

Question by Kaitlyn Grigsby: Nautical Party Ideas?
I am having my 19th birthday party a week from tomorrow and i need ideas for the party. Mostly the menu. I have the invites made, most of the decorations bought, and an idea of how i want things set up. The party is sort of between dressy and casual, like sperry’s (boating shoes), white pants, and a polo is probably what i’ll wear. I am probably going to have submarine sandwiches as the main dish but i need fun/creative side dishes that sort of coordinate with the theme and are cheap and easy to make. Also, decoration ideas and party favors would be appreciated. The attendants will mostly be older people (family) and a few younger people and kids. I am also planning on making my cake so if you have any pics that would be MUCH appreciated!! πŸ™‚

Best answer:

Answer by JAY
im so sorry to inform u bt nobody uses nautical anymore

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What are some simple frugal homemade gift ideas?

Question by Amber: What are some simple frugal homemade gift ideas?
I love to do crafts. I know how to crochet. I can do simple sewing. Like to do beading and scrapbook/card making. Can cook. I have lots of people I need gifts for. I need gifts for birthday’s and Christmas. Simple, easy, and frugal ideas are best for me.

Cousin (girl)-13-tomboy
Cousin (girl)-11-tomboy
Cousin (boy)-9
Friend (girl)-19
Friend (girl)-21
Friend (girl)-47
And lots of other people all girls

Love to make homemade gifts. I am big on giving gifts. Love gift giving. I always go overboard! Love seeing the look on people’s faces when they open my gift.

Love to give gift basket. Have done all kinds. Like to use other containers than just baskets. I’m a great bargain shopper. Will be going on a ladies shopping trip the end of October. Will probably be shopping for Christmas and one or two December birthday’s. Any ideas would be great. Would love to hear of ideas you have used and have worked out well for you. THANX!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Julia
One thing that worked really well for me was magnets made from denim pants pockets… I cut the pocket off denim pants, hemmed the part where I cut it, and glued magnets to the back (you can often get magnets at second hand stores cheaper than craft stores). Then I decorated the front of the pocket and trimmed it with lace. My older female relatives loved these for putting on the fridge and storing photos, recipes, etc.

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