Q&A: Crafts common made and used in Italy?

Question by Savanna V: Crafts common made and used in Italy?
If you live or have been to italy, what are some common crafts?
How do you make them?
10 please!!

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Answer by italianb
For kids?

I remember when I was little we made this scented jar with dried up oranges and things like tat.

I also remember making actual candles for Christmas one year. We took cocktail glasses, and our teacher had an instruction set on how to make “wax”, so well took a trip to the school kitchen to watch the wax get made. We dropped our favorite christmas figurine in the glass and made candles. It was fun.

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  1. I’m not entirely sure on how much it was as it was given to me but you can find candle making kits in craft shops, wilkos, B&M etc… 🙂

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