Q&A: gift basket ideas?

by Mennonite Church USA Archives

Question by stevesherri: gift basket ideas?
looking for ideas to fill baskets for a church auction.
men, women, kids, couples…
I need your creative side! help!

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Answer by Peter O
Grab bags are fun, especially for kids. Just put what you like in them and seal them up.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: gift basket ideas?”

  1. ahhh – let’s see – been a while since I did a basket, but..

    For a man – sports viewing snack basket – add a banner from a popular local sports team, get a gift certificate from a local pizza delivery place, assortment of chips, nuts, etc.

    For a woman – pampering set – get various bath products, back brush, loofa sponge, lotions, a unique towel and washcloth set – Target has these cool appliqued ocean creatures- and a scented candle.

    Couples – romantic getaway basket – couple of wine glasses, a local wine (everyone has a local wine now!), gift certificate to a good local restaurant and if you want to make it an expenisve basket, a gift certificate for tickets to a local theater production. assortment of high end crackers, cheeses.

    Craft basket – pick a craft, fill it with supplies for that craft – popular ones – beading, quiltng, scrapbooking

    Kids – outdoors basket – chalks, bubbles, sandbox toys, nerf balls, water guns, frisbee, freezer popsicles

    Doll basket – make it like a bed – I actually have a pattern for taking a container and making it into a a “purse’ that turns into a dolly bed.

    Car(toy(basket – Hot wheels used to make all these neat little sets for roads, buildings, etc

    Pirate basket

    Dress up baskets – boys baskets and girls baskets – a cape in bright colors for either (have a pattern for that too), a robin hood cap or pirate hat, a sash, easy to make “skirts” with elastic waistbands, a pirate shirt, a wizard hat and robe, plastic sword, fairy wings, wands, etc – all kinds of things like that.

    All these could be fairly expensive to compile, especially if you can get donations for those gift certificates.

    If you would like the patterns, contact me.

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