Q&A: Halloween Party Ideas… HELP!?

Question by vanillacrazii: Halloween Party Ideas… HELP!?
I’m having a halloween party on the saturday before halloween (27th). Both girls and boys are invited and so far on the list are 15 people(age group=13-15). Any good ideas for cheapish decorations//games && activities?? All answers will be helpful!

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Answer by Ann
Have a mummy wrap with toilet paper and a scavenger hunt and costume contest. play lots of spooky music 2

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17 thoughts on “Q&A: Halloween Party Ideas… HELP!?”

  1. serve blue punch, little spider cupcakes
    play a game where you race to see who can wrap someone as a mummy in toilet paper first. pin the teeth on dracula or anything else halloweenish

  2. We always made a “ghost” pinata out of paper mache over a small balloon then wrapped in white tissue paper to make it ghostly in appearance (just 3 layers otherwise it will take forever to break) fill with little candy bars and/or mini boxes of raisins and little plastic spiders. We would make “freak out” boxes where we would put bowls of common kitchen fare inside shoe boxes covered in construction paper with a hand size hole cut in the top labled “eyeballs” (peeled grapes) brains (oiled cooked spaghetti) We would also have a “talent- contest” spookiest talent award… scary poem, story, skit, song etc… winner of the contest rips open the ghost pinata. We would play a game called “black magic” where two people in on the “secret”you and your partner in crime choose a “victim” your partner leaves the room, you ask the victim to choose an object in the room any object and your Psychic friend will use his/her “black magic” to guess the item. You invite your partner “psychic friend” back into the room and begin naming off non-electrical items in the room (pumpkin, skull, pinata, candle etc) and the friend will guess no. Untill you say an item which is electrical, then the next item is the item which the victim guessed. You could have the victim write the item on a piece of paper so that there is no chance of your “psychic- friend” hearing the guessed item. DO NOT REVEAL THE TRICK TO ANYONE EXCEPT YOUR “PSYCHIC FRIEND”! use the old saying “a magician always keeps thier secrets”
    Make bats out of black construction paper, the spider webbing stuff is really cheap, and you can get chunks of dry ice from most supermarkets now, every now & then drop some dry ice into the punch bowl to make “witches brew” or get a few plastic cauldrons on the floor part way filled with water & drop pieces of dry ice in it for the smoke machine effect on the cheap. Have fun at your party!

  3. seriously? she just spent 1:25 explaining that there are three sizes of candles and that the short ones don’t fall over as easy.

    I’m gonna start my own show on youtube and call it “how to microwave a hot dog” – Happy Crafting!!!

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