Q&A: How do I cast a spell properly?

Question by lolaβ™₯: How do I cast a spell properly?
I found this spell (A wish spell) on the internet that I wanted to cast, but I have never had any experience in spell-casting or magick of any sort before. I don’t know much about it, really, but I just figured you did the spell and that was it. It’s a white magick spell, I won’t do black magick or any other sort of magick, so I know about stuff like that. Anyone who’s experienced in spell-casting or magick, or knows a lot about it, can you help me cast a spell properly, and help me with how to do it, please? Thank you.

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Answer by gee bee
go to google and write ‘how to cast a spell’ in the ask line and you will get something like this:

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then you click on the website therein….

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: How do I cast a spell properly?”

  1. Um, magick is a lot more than just saying a spell. Takes a lot of training, studying and hardwork before you are ready to do a spell. Unless, it’s folk magick from a gypsy or something. Folk magick is much simpler to perform, but still requires strong visualization

  2. If it comes with instructions, you can follow those. YMMV.

    My recommendation, if you were a student of mine, would be to take the principles of magic that I’d taught you (reflection and return, sympathy, the pyramid, etc.) and use them to deconstruct the spell. If it reads as “valid” after deconstruction, use it as a template to craft your OWN spell.

    Using your own spell, then, collect any ingredients, prepare your altar or working space, get yourself into the right mindset. Cast a circle, if needed build a temple to work in. Invoke any assisting entities. Work through spell. Allow energy to build to an appropriate point, then release and open the circle. Be sure to ground yourself adequately before continuing with daily life.

    If the above is all Greek to you, it will at least give you some idea of where to start studying. ;D

    Start small, with work that is unlikely to have high backlash. A wishing or knot spell is usually a good place to start.

  3. Here’s the first wish spell that i did and it worked so perfectly that after so many years i still remember it… I draw a pentagram (5 pointed star) on a table.Then i set my elements at my quarters (like north=salt, east=incense south=candle west=water) then i took a pinch of the salt and said “by the powers of earth i consecrate thee) repeat this for air, fire and water.then i drew a pentagram in the middle of the paper and drew a ying-yang symbol in the middle of the pentagram.I then wrote my wish on top (should start with “make” e.g “make my mother get healed, make me rich,etc…”) then i folded it.i visualise a bolt of energy getting into me and i sealed the folded paper with wax of the candle at the south and burn it while i kept chanting my wish AND VISUALISING THE EFFECT. I did it to banish an enemy (because i didnt want to hurt him).it was my first spell so i was kinda childish in writing my spell (i was 12 also) i said “Make [Name of person] leave the locality tomorrow” as far as i know you can’t actually precise the date of effect in a working but i wantedf to banish him so desperately.Guess what?I did the spell at 10:00 a.m and in the evening my cousin told me that the guy is leaving to him hometown cuz his mum has a meeting with her doctor and he’s going TOMORROW at 15:00. so this is it.

    What you need:

    Good visualisation
    raise energy by some meditation or chanting (u will feel the energy tingling within you)

    in the source section i put a link to the spell i did.who knows, maybe it is the spell that u were going to do (i’m intuitive), if not try it.you’ll see


    The girl above me posted a link to “everythingunderthemoon.net” try that site.it’s epic.it helped me a lot and i learnt a lot!! my fave web site

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