Q&A: How to keep KIWI polish from crumbling?

Question by Big Muscle: How to keep KIWI polish from crumbling?
Hello. I’ve got a problem.
Half year ago, I bought Dr.Martens 1919 boots and started polishing them with DM Wonder Balsam. Everything was good, but the leather started to make “wrinkles” in the places where it gets curved during a walk. Don’t know how to describe it better, but maybe it is crackled leather. It’s visible a little bit in this image in red area (sorry I don’t have a better camera) – http://img387.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bootjx3.jpg

So I decided to spit-shine them with KIWI polish. Everything was good, The “wrinkles” disappeared and my boots were like a mirror. But when I put my boots on and did two or three steps, the polish started to crumble in that stressed places and “wrinkles” appeared again. What was worse is that crumbled polish looks really horrible and my big work with spit-shining came to nothing.

Is there any way to keep polish from the crumbling during a walking? I tried to dry the polish with hot air, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you very much!
I’ve already tried melting kiwi on a heater, but it only helps to better polish boots, but doesn’t avoid crumbling the dried polish. I will try that with toe bending. Thank you.

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Answer by somerandomdude
That’s a natural thing, which happens to shoes and boots, no matter how much you shine them. You can minimize it some by bending the toe upward while you polish. Polish flat-footed like normal, then bend the toe and do the areas. This squeezes excess wax out of the creases and you can polish that away and make it look a bit smoother. There’s no real way to keep it from happening altogether, though, short of never walking or bending.

There are people, who will tell you to light the kiwi with a cigarette lighter, to melt it into the pores in the leather, but that also burns essential oils out of the wax. If you want to try the melted-wax method, you’re better off setting the can an inch or so above a tealight candle, and allowing it to melt from radiant heat, rather than from direct flame.

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