Q&A: I’m having a party for my 18th birthday. The theme is ” a winter wonderland”..?

Question by Liz: I’m having a party for my 18th birthday. The theme is ” a winter wonderland”..?
It will be this December!

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Answer by Emily
cool theme and especially ironic if its being held in the summer
try to go for all white
try to find egg nog to drink
maybe decorate with branches spray painted white
or snow flakes

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: I’m having a party for my 18th birthday. The theme is ” a winter wonderland”..?”

  1. Yess seexxxy Russian themed! So just wear a ton of cute snow stuff (must have the ushanka). fake snow and snowflakes everywhere. sleds, ice ummm yeah. Where are you from? and around what time of year are you having this party?

  2. Winter wonderland. Definitely sounds pretty for an 18th birthday! There are a few ways you could go while maintaining wintery atmosphere.

    You could make the party a masquerade party. Personally, I find masquerades to be classy and sexy at the same time. Invite everyone to wear costumes and masks that are wintery, like nutcrackers, sugar plum fairies, whatever. I assume that this is going to be indoors, since it will probably be cold. One of the best ideas that I ever saw for lighting was during a christmas party. Someone had bought Christmas tree lights for the main event, and during the dance when the lights were out (it was actually a Christmas themed frat party lol), they had painted Christmas ornaments with blacklight paint and used several blacklights to make them shine. They also painted tinsel with the same stuff, and it looked awesome! It was hanging everywhere!

    But anyway, that’s just one suggestion for a take on the party. I also think it would be cool to have a cake that was “hot chocolate” so to speak. Like, chocolate cake and marshmallow frosting? And I found a really cute way to make the cake, if you’d like to look.


    Hope you like! Have a wonderful party, even if it isn’t a winter wonderland that you go with!

  3. What is the brand on the wax melting pot you have? The one with the spigot? Do you remember how much it cost? I’m looking to buy one now after I saw your videos. Also where did you buy your molds?

  4. a cool bath is simply a bucket or container of cold or cool water. You don’t want to shock the molds- so you don’t want the water to be ice cold…just cold enough to hasten the cooling process. I usually wait at least 45 min to place candles in cool bath to prevent cracking and water seeping into candle before it forms. Make sense?

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