Q&A: Nautical Party Ideas?

Question by Kaitlyn Grigsby: Nautical Party Ideas?
I am having my 19th birthday party a week from tomorrow and i need ideas for the party. Mostly the menu. I have the invites made, most of the decorations bought, and an idea of how i want things set up. The party is sort of between dressy and casual, like sperry’s (boating shoes), white pants, and a polo is probably what i’ll wear. I am probably going to have submarine sandwiches as the main dish but i need fun/creative side dishes that sort of coordinate with the theme and are cheap and easy to make. Also, decoration ideas and party favors would be appreciated. The attendants will mostly be older people (family) and a few younger people and kids. I am also planning on making my cake so if you have any pics that would be MUCH appreciated!! 🙂

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Answer by JAY
im so sorry to inform u bt nobody uses nautical anymore

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One thought on “Q&A: Nautical Party Ideas?”

  1. nautical is a great idea!

    you can take nautical a few different ways, but here are some ideas.if you’re having tables, model ships or ships in a bottle would make great centerpieces. you can cut circles out of cardboard and make “life preservers” to hang up on walls (you can also cut out oars). you can decorate using driftwood, rope, seashells and fish netting. anything navy blue and white (red or gold for accent) looks great too 🙂 you can use flags as well. when in doubt, go with stripes.

    here are some whimsical food ideas if you want to make them :):

    overall great reference for nautical parties:

    you should consider bringing in “oceany” flavours through things like cocktail shrimp (seafood) and tropical fruits (like pineapple). with older people there, definitely consider having fresh fruit and veggies/dips available. depending on how fun or sophisticated you want, you can do a punch bowl with a floating boat toy on top! if you are strict on your colour scheme, you consider that with food. if you wanted a candy bar, you can do something like white life savers and red licorice (looks like rope). so many possibilities!

    just fyi, if you are looking for “classier” things, try googling nautical weddings. wedding planning for decor, food, favours, etc is similar to birthdays, just a little more elegant 🙂

    for any sort of party, you want the favours to be somewhat useful. if you can find budget friendly ones, sunglasses would be a great choice. otherwise, nautical-themed candles are a great favour!

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