Q&A: teacher or office workers-What is the best “homemade” gifts you have received?

Question by Denise W: teacher or office workers-What is the best “homemade” gifts you have received?
I am making “spiced Tea” inside of coffee mugs for Christmas for the school teachers. I work with about 40 woman and I dont’ want to break the bank giving gifts.
I have dollar store mugs with spiced tea with pretty ribbons.

What do you think or suggest?
Thank you for your comments thus far-
I always wondered if the teachers like the homemade “ugly” cupcakes as much as the classy fancy store ones.
I am making two dozen for friday-because its Fall Festival and they need something “orange” so I’m making mini cupcakes. So glad its worth the time and “mess” with a 4 yr in the kitchen.

Best answer:

Answer by Queenie`
Yes! I want to know too!

Great question!

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: teacher or office workers-What is the best “homemade” gifts you have received?”

  1. As a retired teacher—-I used to really love the mugs with the spiced tea or the samples of hot choc but the BEST was the HOMEMADE BREAD —two loaves—–these were truly a labor of love !!!! Yummy!!!! Food always goes over big time—esp homemade food!!!! Some of my students would actually apologize for their homemade gift instead of all the “bought” candles, etc. and I would explain the meaning of their labor of love and they were so thrilled and proud esp those kids that actually made it themselves!! AND—-I never worried about arsenic either!!!! Or–old lace!!!! I think that you are special to put together these mugs for all those workers and I bet they will enjoy every sip!!!!

  2. Although I am not a teacher or office worker, I enjoy giving homemade treats at Christmas time – usually a cookie plate with a small variety of treats on it. And a few Hershey Kisses in red and green to add color. In the past I have had concerns with cookie plates because someone might be on a diet but then I thought they might like to share with their friends/neighbors who might stop by. I always figure that in one holiday season a teacher could only need a certain amount of candles, bath soap and knick-knacks for the upcoming year(s) and something edible would be appreciated and not take up space waiting to be used…

    I think you have a fabulous idea and it will be appreciated by all receiving these great gifts.

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