Q&A: Witches and/or wiccans can you please help me make a summoning ritual for my novel?

Question by Indie: Witches and/or wiccans can you please help me make a summoning ritual for my novel?
I’m writing a fantasy story and trying to keep everything researched and factual but i’m rather stuck with this. I don’t need it all spelled out for me strictly, just some idea of what to include with symbols, crystals, candles etc. Any and all help is most appreciated ­čÖé

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My story features witches, i started with with witches and or wiccans because i know they are not the same thing but people who study either of them have information that could help me, unfortunately everyone seems far more interested in educating me on other topics than my fairly specific question. I mean to offence to you or to wiccans, but if you cannot help me create a fictional/fantasy event you cannot help me and i don’t need your answer.
Summon must have been the wrong word to use, what i am aiming for is essentially a teleportation of a human to a human, one way ticket. I don’t need a practised functioning spell for obvious reasons, im just hoping for a bit of insight from someone who has more knowledge of this than i

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Answer by Mackenzie
I’m curious– what do you think Wiccans summon? And for what reason?

Please keep in mind– you say you want accuracy, but there are a lot of *crappy* websites and books about Wicca that make us out to be New-age crystal-touting witchie-hippies; that is not accurate.

If you want to keep Wiccans accurate in a novel, don’t make any fantasy stuff happen… but then there’s not a lot of interest in people going around praying to their Gods or living their lives responsibly and in balance. Wicca is a religion; fantasy books don’t portray it well because fantasy stuff doesn’t happen to Wiccans.

If you’re making rituals have fantasy effects, you shouldn’t use the term Wicca. Stick with the generic Witch, or make up your own term.

Here is a good, very accurate website for you to understand Wicca: wicca.cnbeyer.com

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Witches and/or wiccans can you please help me make a summoning ritual for my novel?”

  1. Gotcha. I personally believe in being open minded to all ideologies, spiritual beliefs, etc. Witcca/Paganism is one in which many of us are still suffering from religious persecution and discrimination for our beliefs. I personally have been practicing white magick for several years now, and have had great success and identify with it much better than any other organized religion I have been part of in the past. I can tell you that as far as where I buy stuff, I have received some of the strongest spellcast items and supplies, etc. from a pagan woman named Rebecca. I know she has an eBay store, and last time I spoke with her they were working on opening a website so we all can buy their stuff directly instead of through eBay, more private and confidential, etc. This is their store, http://stores.ebay.com/Moondancer-Originals. Maybe she can help you find what you are looking for in terms of a summoning ritual. I know she works with spirits, etc. BUT, she doesn’t “make” the rituals themselves, from my understanding they are quite old, at least the authentic one’s. I guess I wish I could help you more but I don’t know what you are trying to summon, so you might want to just contact the woman I use, she is pretty nice and has always been helpful to me when I needed something.
    Jake, San Francisco

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