So i have a problem…? for people who know what a psychic vampire is?

Question by Hex Sic: So i have a problem…? for people who know what a psychic vampire is?
I am a psychic vampire and my “supply” is taking a break from me now. I’m a wreck i need it to now be tiered and boring. I know this makes me a bad person purposely taking energy but i’m addicted to it… I don’t know what to do either. I cant meditate because I’m to stressed to. What should i do?
Thank you that’s a good idea..

and who ever mr.ihavenolife is down their should read the question before answering.
She was never willing she never knew actually.. but anyway i suppose i could try doing the wean myself of it thing and calm down. As a matter of fact i think i will 🙂
do believe in karma btw.. and I’m also wiccan which is why i feel sooooo bad about this

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Answer by PopeJaimie
Go to the mall (or some crowded place-a rave would actually be ideal), soak up ambient energy. I guess.

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4 thoughts on “So i have a problem…? for people who know what a psychic vampire is?”

  1. If you’ve become addicted to it then you should be trying to wean yourself of it so that you can be more in control. You could try taking it from someone else, I suppose. I hope your usual “supply” is willing, coz otherwise that really would be fu*ked up. Go for walks etc to help yourself be more calm. But yeah, try and reduce how much you are doing it so that you don’t wind up with this problem in future. The energy is basically like a drug so you need to be careful

  2. FIRST of all there is NO SUCH THING as an addiction. For you the energy you feed on is as necessary to your survival and health as regular food is to someone else. Find another supply as soon as possible. Weaning yourself of is NOT a good idea. Without the energy you feed upon, your body will crave…and in an effort to satisfy you will start to eat regular food, but it wont be enough…and soon you will be eating almost continually to the point where you will gain great amounts of weight in a short span of time, your health will suffer both from the excess weight AND from the lact of proper food, psychic energy. I went through that myself several years ago and am STILL trying to recover. Once you start feeding psychically you can never stop, your body will not readjust to a state where you can be well without it. I have watched too many people suffer through the attempts over the last few years.

  3. get on the city bus..go to a crowed restaurant a movie.. or go to a football game/// big one coming up soon.. a bar go get some energize. humm how does one become a physic vampire .. are you born that way

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