So those who use candle magic…?

Question by Talon: So those who use candle magic…?
I’ve done a spell once before to get rid of what I felt like was a curse placed on my family. It involved just a simple black bowl, a black taper candle and water to the brim. Mediating on what I wanted and imagining all of that melting away with the wax and being burned by the flame. And after the fire was extinguished by the water I removed the candle from the bowl and buried it in the backyard. Looking back it seems like I put out all the good things too.

I’ve been reading up on different and less complicated spells and I was wondering if it was possible to just purchase the color candles in the wishes that I want and just let them burn in a simple candle holder, mediating on them the way I did for the Black candle spell?
Also…should I get rid of the black bowl now that I’ve gotten rid of bad luck/energy and use a white bowl exclusively for wishes? Like where I’m using a pink candle or green? I want it to be pure…..Or forego a bowl and just use a candle holder?

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Answer by masterwitchphd
The intentions must be your own.

Candle Magick
Dawn Thebarge Hill March 2002

Blessings, Prayers and Chants
How To

Unwittingly, as a child, you probably performed your first act of Candle Magick when you where very young on your birthday by blowing out the candles on your cake and making a wish!! Candle magick is one of the simplest yet most powerful forms of spell work. A candle is composed of all th elements. Earth, Water and Air are present in the candle itself with Fire and Spirit added when you visualize and light the wick. The flame of the candle houses a living salamander or fire elemental. This is often felt to represent the soul and the transcendence of Spirit’s divinity. An unlit wick represents the human potential by which transmutation is made possible. The candleholder represents the reality of our perceptions and what is needed to sustain us here on Mother Earth.

As with any spell work you do Candle Magick may be enhanced by using the appropriate correspondences including day, elements, time, planet, zodiac sign, moon phase, moon sign for particular spells. Remember, however, that a perfect moon or day is not a mandatory condition, neither are all the rest of the enhancements. Sometimes, just the simple act of

lighting of a candle will do.

Be sure to use non-flamable surfaces and appropriate holders. I always use a plate under the candle. Glass jars, votives and candle holders often break and tapers can drip and cause damage. I have also had flame follow dripping wax right onto a dresser and cause quite a mess and destroy the dresser’s top because I was not careful. Please take it from me when I tell you that you are better off safe than sorry. Never leave your candle burning unattended. Under no circumstances should you leave the candle or should you have it in an area that can cause other things to catch fire. If all else fails set the candle and holder in the bath tub being sure to keep the flame away from any shower curtain you might have.

Remember that you are working with energy and that you may well “make” the flame burn much higher and hotter than is normal!

How To:
Generally speaking candle magick is done in the following manner:

Select a candle by color according to intent. A white candle can be substituted for any other color should you not have the appropriate one available.

Purify yourself and sacred space if necessary.

Purify and consecrate the candle itself. Please do not skip this step. You must remember that candles are often made in third world countries by children or those that are not in the best circumstances. They are very often infused with negativity. Even if they are not made by those in bad situations you really have no idea how many people have handled them befor you have so it is still a good idea to do this. It is easy enough to bury the candle in a dish of salt and then to pass the candle “through” the elements. (Sprinkle with salt and water and wave through incense smoke and another candle flame).

Sigals or signs may be carved into the candle. It is helpful to use those that mean something to you as an individual. Names of indiviudals, zodiac symbols, planetary symbles, different alphabets and magickal symbols are all apprpriate.

An essential oil or oils are selected (again according to intent) and cut with a carrier oil. The candle is then annointed while intent is focused upon. The actual annointing can be done in several ways. There are those who feel this should be done by stroking from the bottom to top, from the middle to the ends or from top to bottom or even from the ends toward the center. I personally use what feels right to me for the intent. If I am trying to banish something I annoint “away” from myself and if I am drawing to myself I annoint towards myself while holding the candle with the top pointing away from me. Do as you feel-your heart will never fail you. Should you decide to use a jar candle or a 7 day candle and wish to annoint it do so by rubbng the oil on the top of the candle clockwise to draw to you or counter clockwise in order to banish.

Herbs and perhaps crystals or stones are selected and sprinkled or placed either around or on the candle.


you may wish to make your own candle using herbs, crystals, oils, natural waxes, coloring, etc in order to futher infuse your intent into the candle while making it.

Place the candle into an appropriate holder.

Place the candle into an appropriate holder.

Candle work is a process and usually more than 7 days are required for the fulfillment of the task. I actually find that often it happens faster but there are times it takes a full moon cycle to complete. However, if you want the spell to work a specified time period you may stick two pins into the candle at a certain distance from the top. Pins should cross each other. How far down you put the pins is the amount of time you want the spell to work, or when you want to start working. When you light the candle, say “When the light reaches my pins, this shall be the point where my spell begins.”

If you wish to write a “petition” on a piece of parchment or other paper you may do so. This is basically a written version of your intent. You may wish to burn this later in the candle’s flame or perhaps tie it with cording, etc. and keep it in a spell box to be burned once the spell manifests.

Next, the candle is lit and meditation, chanting, prayer and/or visualization is done- concentrate on the outcome of your deisre as you have envisioned it along with the way in which you want it to fulfilled. Use the burning candle flame as a focus point for concentration. Know that as the candle burns that your desires are carried into the cosmos where they will manifest. Be sure that the picture in your mind is distinct and complete.

When you feel that you have concentrated for long enough you may allow the candle to burn completely out or you may extinguish it and re-light it at a later pre-determined time. You would contiue to allow it to burn for perhaps one hour each day until the candle is completely burned out.

Remember that when you extinguish a candle that you should thank the God & Goddess, Spirit the specifc deity or what/who ever spiritually helps you with your request. Yes-even if you have not seen the results yet. When you relight the candle, reaffirm what it is for and viusalize for a time again.

Once the candle has burned down until extinguished you may wish to take a look and see if the melted wax from the candle left you a message. See if you can discern anything from the image the melted wax left for you. This does not always happen but some people can read the shapes of the wax and divine from it.

Once you are completely finished you may discard the wax in several ways. There are those that simply throw away what remains but I like to keep my left over waxes and dispose of them in the bale fires at the next Sabbat or Esbat. There are those who bury the wax as well but if the wax is not completely natural (like soy or bees wax) I hesitate to suggest that you do that.

Types of Candles

and their uses

Regular Candles

Plain, straight round candles come in many sizes, which affect their burning time. These include: “minis” which burn a few hours; small votives types which burn 10 hours; jumbos which burn 15 hours; seven day (and even 14 day!) candles which burn for more than an entire week.

Cat Candles

Burned to reverse bad luck.

Cross or Crucifix Candles

Used as altar candles to uplift one’s consciousness, cleanse the atmospheres and attract positive spirits from which you will receive aid.

Seven-Knob (Or Wishing) Candles

Burn an entire candle for a wish, one knob each day for a week. Write your wish down on a piece of parchment paper and place it below the candle before starting your ritual.

Image Candles

Candles in the shape of a man or woman. Act as an aid in the visualization process to associate the candle with the person toward whom the spell is directed

Devil Candles

Burned to exorcise or release negative holds on individuals. As the candle burns, so does the evil in life disperse.

Skull Candles

Generally used for revenge, to break hexes & reverse adverse circumstances, and to banish death. The symbolism is that, as the “face of death” burns away, the practitioners will grow stronger.

Reversible Action Candles

Red candles coated on the outside with a layer of black wax. Burned to dispel evil influences and to send them back from wherever they came.

Double Action “Jumbo” Candles

Two-layer candles, symbolic of the good and evil forces of life. Burned in two ways at once – to draw beneficial energy and favorable circumstances, and to disperse harmful energy exerting a negative influence.

Novena or 7 Day Candle

A 9″ tall, glass encased candle which burns for approximately 7 days. They are generally given very particular purposes, according to the designs and symbols on the glass jar.


Candles can “tell” you what will or what is happening by the way that they burn. It can tell how the request is going, being received, will turn out, and how hard it is to achieve.

If your candle goes out, it may be telling you to try again on another night when you can concentrate a little more. Do not use the same candle again. Dispose of it.

The same is true if the candle breaks or is broken. Try again but do not use the same one again.

Black soot can mean that negativity or barriers are burning away.

If the flame is very high or hot the power that you are calling forth is movingto manifest your desire. Although you may wish to take extra care this is actually a good indication that what you desire will come true.

If the flame is weak

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4 thoughts on “So those who use candle magic…?”

  1. You could very easily just light a candle. I’d tell you to pick a green or yellow candle- something bright or happy, and to inscribe a symbol, word, or other thing that you associate with what you want on the candle. Focus your energy into the candle and the symbol. After you’ve put your energy into it, set it in your holder and burn it. As it burns, you can see your wishes being released into the universe, etc etc.

    Hope it helps.

  2. I would cleanse the black bowl, you don’t have to get rid of it. And yes you can do what you wrote in your question- in fact you can make your own Candle Magick spells. It’s what feel right to you. Orange is the color for attraction, but if you can’t get your hands on an orange bowl, just use white- since white contains all colors and can be used for all purposes.

    Just do what feels right to you, let your heart guide you, project positive energy, and hopefully it’ll be enough to attract your wishes to you.
    🙂 Make your own magick, it’s the best kind.

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