soo there is this boy…?

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Question by : soo there is this boy…?
Ive had a crush on one of my good guy friends for a looong time now and we are both kinda shy when it comes to making moves in any relationship. neither of us have been in a relationship before and were both 18 yrs old. we go to church together and i know he is a great guy so that is not the problem. i feel like sloowly he is making “advances” with me but they’re ever so slight i dont know if one could even consider it flirting. here are some ive picked up on…1. he has no problem making eye contact with me when we are talking 2. he has been initiating the hugs lately 3. we were texting one night and i said i was going to bed so he said k night love ya friend (which is completely unlike him) 4. he never texts me first but the last time we texted he initiated the conversation 5. hes told me he thinks im smart and fun and he likes talking to me 6. when we talk in person he always laughs at my jokes (no matter how terrible they are 🙂 ) 7. he also stood really close to me the last time we talked (like less than 2 ft) 8.when hanging out with a group i catch him staring at me and finally 9. he always greets me with a smile. so my question is do you think he likes me and if so why hasnt he asked me out yet and how do i respond without looking like im throwing myself at him or making our friendship awkward?

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Answer by Robert Gore
You want his money right? If that is the case trick him into marrying you then divorce right away and you get half his stuff.

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  1. The only thing that has me suspicious is that he used the word “love.” He may be one of a kind, but guys don’t usually use that word unless they really mean it. I think the other stuff is normal. Try bringing up the subject of relationships when you talk with him. You could say, “Hey, you’re such a great guy, how come you haven’t asked a girl out yet?” If he says he hasn’t met the right one yet, that’s an obvious answer that he doesn’t like you the way you think he does. Or just joke about stuff like that and see how he responds. That way, it’s not awkward and the relationship isn’t ruined.
    Best wishes!

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