Survey: Today is my first anniversary with my boy. We don’t have much money, so what should?

Question by Rest in Pieces: Survey: Today is my first anniversary with my boy. We don’t have much money, so what should?

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Answer by Rice
Sex is always a good option!

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Making Beeswax Candles at Jas Townsend and Son

How to make beeswax candles from our tin candle molds available at

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15 thoughts on “Survey: Today is my first anniversary with my boy. We don’t have much money, so what should?”

  1. I can relate, my husband and I often find ourselves broke as hell! But there are loads you can do without it costing too much:

    – If the weather is nice, find a lake nearby and walk along the boardwalk
    – Home-cooked picnic in the park, or even at home in your backyard
    – Candle lit dinner
    – Candle lit “love making”
    – Drive to down town, and spend the afternoon walking along the street, discovering new stores in your town

    Find the website of your town, there should be some cheap/free activity recommendations

    I know for us (in Toronto, Canada) there is a ferry boat ride which is about 10 minutes long, costs $ 6 and takes you on the Toronto, Island where you can have a nice picnic
    And we have a few boardwalks and waterfronts that offer free activities/concerts every weekend

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Gather stuff from your fridge, go have a picnic at the park.
    Get some hot coco, and go star gazing at midnight.
    Watch a comedy film.
    Bake a cake.
    Plant a flower.

  3. its not really about what you do or how much it costs to do it, it is about what you guys make of it, if you have fun with it or not. You could just celebrate it eating at home just hanging out.

    **by the way, I read your profile and let me tell you, you’re a nut!!!! LOL Crazy

  4. I have two of your mold, I love them and make several hundred candles a year with them for my rendezvous lanterns. Once the wax has cooled in the mold, I allow the molds to freeze (in the freezer in the summer, outside in winter). I have never had any crack, and not only will the candles be ready to remove from the mold much sooner, but they remove very easily, allowing you to omit the spray lubricant. This has always worked great for me, for both pure beeswax as well as beeswax/tallow candles.

  5. Can melted wax from burned candles be recycled and used again in newly made candles? My candles seem to burn down fast. Is there a technique to make them last longer? Thanks for the video. I love my kit.

  6. Awesome video. I’ve been making beeswax candles for a few years (using Townsend materials) and by watching this video today learned some techniques that will make my job a LOT easier! Great idea with the slow cooker and the wick stringing techniques. 🙂

  7. I see you are using a crock pot for heating the wax. Do you just drop the wax into the crock pot or do you use another container and water to make a double boiler? Thanks

  8. Love the video, thank you so much for sharing !!! I do have a question for you. I noticed you used 2lb block wax, can you use bees wax beads in place of the blocks? Not sure if there is a difference in composition or if it is just a difference in shapes. Thank so much 🙂

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