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What are the must haves for a VERY low budget, small wedding?

Question by Mommyto2: What are the must haves for a VERY low budget, small wedding?
Ive kinda been put in charge of my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. The wedding is in 2 months (they just got engaged, and are getting married 10-10-10). They have a budget of only $ 1000, and that includes the dress (which is about $ 300). I figured I would have family make the food for the 30 people invited to save money..what are other must haves? I figured favors, decorations, and cake. We have a family member doing the cake and photography. Obviously the venue, which Im going to try and get cheap (like a social hall).What else is a MUST have?
Oh…the minister is going to be my husband, so that will be free 🙂 (He already has the credentials)

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Answer by Blackie
I’d say just flowers and candles

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Candle Making Supply Additives You Must Know About Before Making Candles

It is hard to argue that candles add warmth and beauty to any room in your home. The lovely fragrances that candles give off even when they are not lit creates and inviting room. Imagine coming home after a stressful day at work, lighting your favorite candle and sinking into the couch or easy chair. Watching the gentle flicker of the candle flame and smelling the exquisite fragrance. Kind of makes the stresses of the day fade way.

Shopping for candles can be a fun and rewarding time out of the house. But, making your own candles with the perfect blend of fragrance oils and color is a truly rewarding experience. With a little experimentation you can create your own signature scented candles that your friends and family will be begging you to find out where you bought them. You might even consider turning your hobby into an additional income stream for your family, by selling your handcrafted candles.

Begin Making Candles With A Kit

Making candles is much easier that most people make it out to be, provided you start out with the right candle making supplies and information.

The easiest way to begin your candle making hobby is with a candle making kit.

Starter candle making kits are an ideal way to get started with candle making. The kit includes everything you need to make your first candle. Most starter kits contain paraffin wax, wax cutting tool, thermometer, pouring pot, measuring tools, wooden spoon and wicks. Better quality kits will also include color wheel, wick stickers, glass jars for making jar candles, fragrance oils and liquid dyes.

Candle Additives

There are a wide variety of candle wax additives available.

Here are the ones that you need to be aware of and consider using when making candles.

UV light inhibitor

Add to the melted candle wax to prevent colors from fading due to indirect UV light. Never leave candles in direct sun light, the colors will fade and the candle might melt.


Increases the candle’s ability to give off its scent while burning.

Palm Stearic Acid

Used in soy and paraffin wax candles to increase the fragrance load capacity of the candle wax. It also helps in giving a smooth and even finish to your candle.

Luster Crystals

Used to harden paraffin wax candles. Increases the strength, color and gloss of candles. The burn time is increased, due to the increased hardness of the candle.

Clear Crystals

Hardens and increases the burn time without changing the opacity of the wax.

Fragrance Oils & Dyes

Use straight up or blended to give your candle a exquisite scent and color. Candles by themselves are beautiful. Adding color and fragrance to your candles is a wonderful way to express your creativity.

Select dyes and fragrances that are compatible with the wax you are working with. Gel wax requires special gel wax compatible fragrances and dyes. Use dyes that have a flash point of at least 300 degrees F.

Candle Wax

There are several different waxes that are used in making candles. The main waxes are paraffin, soy palm, beeswax and gel wax. Most store bought candles are made from paraffin wax which is made from refined petroleum.

For a more detailed discussion on the different candle making waxes visit http://www.candlemakinghome.com. A site dedicated to candle making enthusiasts around the world. It is filled with a wealth of candle making tips, guides and helpful advice.

candlemaking.highqualityarticles.com All Natural Soy Candle Making Soy candle making has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are a few reasons that people are finding soy a great alternative to paraffin in the candle making process. Soy wax is all natural, made from soy, as its name suggests. Some candle making companies boast that their soy candles could be melted down and used to cook up veggies for the dinner table; they are that pure! burn more purely In addition, soy candles tend to burn more purely than paraffin was candles. Soy advocates propose that the candles are safer around children and pets for this reason. In addition, the farming industry benefits from the use of soy wax as it adds to their market. Soy is a renewable resource, unlike paraffin, which is another reason nature enthusiasts are passionate about the product. The Process The soy candle making process is almost identical to making paraffin candles. The first step is to decide what type of candle to make: votive, pillar, container, or dipped. Depending on the choice, there is a specific soy wax to fit the purpose. Votive wax is the middle ground between soft and firm wax. to release from the molds Votive and pillar wax is made specifically to release from the molds that the candles are formed in. Pillar wax is made to be more firm so that when the pillar candle burns, the sides of the candle hold up and do not ‘spring a leak,’ leaking wax all over furniture, carpet, or anything in the

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