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throwing my firend a baby shower?

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Question by Jessica: throwing my firend a baby shower?
Im throwing my best friend a baby shower at the end of july
What kind of things should I get for this and what soft of things to you suggest would be fun. shes 18 it’s her first baby and shes having a little girl, theres going to be a lot of people there about 40 guests. any ideas would help
Im looking to get her a gift or anything like that
im just wondering what sort of games and activities to do to keep people entertained. Im not paying for it all im just kind of coordinating and putting evrything together.

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Answer by Alyssa’s mommy
Throwing the shower is enough, you don’t have to get her a gift. To feed 40 women and provide prizes for games will run you a decent amount of money. Usually the shower is the gift since it will cost several hundred dollars.

If you still want to get her something, get her a nice snuggly baby blanket. Just a small token gift so she has something to open from you.

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