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What do you reuse that most people throw away?

Question by My Avatar Is Beautiful: What do you reuse that most people throw away?
It seems a lot of people aren’t creative enough nowadays to find alternate uses for what most people refer to as garbage, what do you keep, use, recycle that most people don’t?
I save bread ties for anything, grocery bags for trash bags, boxes for you guessed it, newspaper for recycling and warmth,lol, anything metal and all wire for fixing broken whatever, how bout you?
bottles are good for storing bolts and screws or whatever
hair nets are great for covering food in containers
I don’t know if any of you have ever seen “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia” before, but there is an episode of two of the main characters going to garbage dumps and finding old stuff that they think is valuable. Later on in the show they end up digging through dumpsters and collecting old jackets to wear over and protect theyre others jackets, and all this other stuff that could be great on a deserted island, but they live in an apartment and end up filling it up with all this stuff, and end up living on the street and in a dumpster by the end of the episode, it’s so funny because one mans trash in another mans treasure, it’s just crazy how much humans waste and how much use others could get out of it. It’s sad that most counties don’t enforce or support recycling. I even wrote my congressman about not having green recycle garbage cans in my area and he jsut gave me an excuse like “we appreciate your concern but right now only certain areas have recycling”.
Make sure you don’t reuse and keep drinking out of plastic water bottles though because they contain synthetic estrogen mimicking chemicals, especially harmful if they have been sitting in a hot car.

Best answer:

Answer by ajtheactress
Plastic produce bags – handy for food storage and transportation of things that might leak.
Zip lock bags
Plastic tubs that once held salsa, butter, cottage cheese – no need to actually buy plastic containers.
old tooth brushes great for cleaning, or craft projects
Magazine images, wall paper samples, calendar picture I do collages with them.
Cardboard boxes with lids paper boxes in particular make serviceable stacking storage and file boxes.
Shoe Boxes good storage boxes for shirts, socks and shoulder pads.
Newspapers make great padding and insulation

And I recycle glass, metal [including tin foil] paper and plastic.

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