Wedding ideas..for august ’09?

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Question by christy: Wedding ideas..for august ’09?
Got the man, got the bling and have now set a date! August 29th,2009 and need some ideas. He wants togo all out REDNECK wedding and I am not so sure that is the way to go but…. What ever makes him happy right!? It really doesn’t matter to me. Has to be simple, country type of something or other. What do you guys think???

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Answer by D4Pres2012
just mention to him that a more classic wedding won’t look outdated in your photos when you look back at them in 10 or 20 years. you don’t want people talking behind your back after the wedding like ‘can you believe the preacher had no teeth?’ or ‘there were no wine glasses- just cans of natty light!’.

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24 thoughts on “Wedding ideas..for august ’09?”

  1. when you say REDNECK what are we talking? overalls and budwiser or are we talking pig pickin, w/ potato salad and sweet tea 🙂

    I think you can do a good “country style” wedding w/ a pig pickin or fried chicken and bbq buffet style at someone house w/ lots of land.

    its about the 2 of you. Do it how you want.

  2. You can do a nice out door wedding at someone house or at a park then have a nice casual outdoor cookout. my new husband and i had a outdoor cook out and we had a bonfire everyone had fun we even played music on a Stereo system. my son made a bunch of misic C D’s

  3. You two can have any wedding you want. If you give your guests food and hospitality appropriate for the time of day, a comfortable place to congregate (including lots of seating), and if you warn them in advance of what kind of wedding it is, a redneck wedding is perfectly correct.

    The only thing is, just this summer there was a very well-publicized redneck wedding that got into every newspaper. Your friends might see your redneck wedding as trying to copy someone else’s wedding. I don’t think that’s a big deal, but some brides might be leery of causing that impression.

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