What are some simple frugal homemade gift ideas?

Question by Amber: What are some simple frugal homemade gift ideas?
I love to do crafts. I know how to crochet. I can do simple sewing. Like to do beading and scrapbook/card making. Can cook. I have lots of people I need gifts for. I need gifts for birthday’s and Christmas. Simple, easy, and frugal ideas are best for me.

Cousin (girl)-13-tomboy
Cousin (girl)-11-tomboy
Cousin (boy)-9
Friend (girl)-19
Friend (girl)-21
Friend (girl)-47
And lots of other people all girls

Love to make homemade gifts. I am big on giving gifts. Love gift giving. I always go overboard! Love seeing the look on people’s faces when they open my gift.

Love to give gift basket. Have done all kinds. Like to use other containers than just baskets. I’m a great bargain shopper. Will be going on a ladies shopping trip the end of October. Will probably be shopping for Christmas and one or two December birthday’s. Any ideas would be great. Would love to hear of ideas you have used and have worked out well for you. THANX!!!

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Answer by Julia
One thing that worked really well for me was magnets made from denim pants pockets… I cut the pocket off denim pants, hemmed the part where I cut it, and glued magnets to the back (you can often get magnets at second hand stores cheaper than craft stores). Then I decorated the front of the pocket and trimmed it with lace. My older female relatives loved these for putting on the fridge and storing photos, recipes, etc.

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2 thoughts on “What are some simple frugal homemade gift ideas?”

  1. I have used all of these ideas for gifts:

    For other people’s kitchens:
    –>Mixes in a jar (all with recipes for use)
    –>**Bean Soup Mix
    –>**Seasoned Salt
    –>**Pancake/Biscuit Mix
    –>**Cookie Mix, Brownie Mix
    –>Terra-cotta Containers
    –>**Two small saucers and a head of garlic with baking instructions
    –>**Two large saucers with instructions for heating tortillas
    –>**Azalea pot (hole plugged) painted with
    –>**>>Popcorn and the word “Popcorn” for a serving bowl
    –>**>>Peppermint wheels, ribbon candy, etc. for a Christmas candy bowl
    –>**>>Halloween motifs for a Halloween candy bowl
    –>Wooden painted pieces/plaques
    –>**Decorative plaque that says “Amber’s Kitchen”
    –>**Angels (to guard the home)
    –>**Seasonal decorations (plaques, hearts, casserole covers)

    For the table:
    –>Placemats: Knitted, crocheted, Net-darned, painted
    –>Lazy Susan (painted)
    –>Herbed vinegars
    –>Homemade amaretto and Kahlua-type coffee liqueur
    –>Baked goods (cakes, pies, Chex Mix, spiced nuts, cookies, dilled oyster crackers, and so on)
    –>Candy (divinity, chocolate-covered cherries, pull candy, white-chocolate fudge, and so on)

    For the home:
    –>Afghans (knitted or crocheted)
    –>Pillows with handmade covers (candlewick, quilted, embroidered, crocheted, cross-stitched)
    –>Framed mottoes and Christmas ornaments, cross-stitched
    –>Painted items (plaques, framed pieces, “welcome” signs, seasonal decor)
    –>Candles (mostly seasonally scented and decorated)
    –>Suncatchers (from a kit my daughter and I did one year)

    For the person:
    –>Socks (knitted)
    –>Hats, scarves
    –>Clothing items, custom sewn
    –>Clothing items (mostly T-shirts), custom painted

    For kids and young teens:
    –>Craft kits
    –>**Beads, nylon cord, and instructions for making “jewelry”
    –>**Yarn, hooks or needles, and instructions for knitting or crocheting a scarf
    –>**Paper, findings, binder, and photos for starting a scrapbook

    Those are a few of the things that came to mind. You may be interested in all of them, part of them, or none of them, but I do hope you can get some ideas from some of them.

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