what make the PERFECT snowball fight?

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Question by Gracie G: what make the PERFECT snowball fight?
well i am in good ol’ utah and its been snowing for a couple hours! it is great now to so me and my friends want to have a snowballfight!!! what makes the best snow ball fight?!!


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Answer by Hdg23
having a bunch of people pelt one guy with snowballs until he is completely buried in them…

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17 thoughts on “what make the PERFECT snowball fight?”

  1. Roman candles and pre-made snoballs piled behind “forts” (built up snow embankments…best ones are those created by snowplow accumulation).

    Light those roman candles for use as “tracers” as the opening and closing sequence and toss snowballs in the meaty middle battle sequence. Make it a “capture the flag” version so you get plenty of covert commando actions going on…really just balls-out base-stealing to direct fire and incite laughter, but you’ll see it’s great fun. Sips of whiskey or “glow wine” (gluehwein) make the fun all the better (consider making “the bottle” the flag).

    Top it off with a meat lovers pizza from Pizza Hut, extra onions and a soak in the hot tub. All guys is great, but if you can have the girls over for the post-party you’ll be doing a tad better.

    Oops, “good ol’ Utah”… forget the alcohol and girls. It just as great without them really. Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything.

  2. Aww Boomer is gone? I’m sorry to hear that…he was so cute and I’m sure he’s doing really well up there. Thank you for the tutorial. 🙂

  3. In resorts near L.A. avg highs- around 55-60°F. I know it sounds crazy but when I went skiing, I saw 2 topless guys lying on their truck bed, getting a tan. I even saw a little boy snowboarding who was topless. In the midday, I skied in a windbreaker with one thermal layer underneath, no coat. I have to take off my gloves bcs my hands get too hot & sweaty. I have to wear gloves & coat for night skiing, which is only allowed on colder days with less melt, so it’s not too icy & dangerous at night.

  4. Snow melts so quickly down here. I usually only drive up the day after it snows, and south facing slopes across from resort are completely bare by then, while anything facing north still has great snow. You may also find half white/half brown mountains by spring/summer in mountain states, but that’s how it is all winter for us. Snowmaking is very common; resorts here would be out of business w/o manmade snow to cover icy surfaces that melt on warmest days and become too smooth and hard at night.

  5. Oh yes, and I totally agree; 20°F works great for skiing, which only comes at night though. And you’re absolutely right: the snow DOES melt, especially in southern California! Which is why ski slopes are on north face of mountains here. It’s around 8100′ at top to 6800-7000′ at bottom. It can be 70-80° while driving though SoCal desert to get to the mountains and 20-30° cooler once you get to the parking lot. The snow on the north facing slopes doesn’t melt as fast and stays frozen at night.

  6. Thank you – and glad you enjoyed it. Boomer is looking down from doggie heaven, happy to have become a star. Maybe he’s Sirius the Dog Star.

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