When will the US relly get pissed off by Israel?

Question by Phil Mirzoev: When will the US relly get pissed off by Israel?
I just can not help amazing how long the US people and tax-payer is going to tolerate the current sort of relationship with Israel? The UNCONDITIONAL support of Israel by the US (don’t get me wrong I am not against their friendship in principle, but a more reasonable one)?
It’s bitter to say that Hitler would now be quite satisfied with the long term result of his ugly crimes: strongly nationalistic militarist state (in political sense) supported by the most powerful multinational democracy – the US.
When after all are the American Jews going to understand that their great religion and culture are in fact brazenly exploited politically at their own expense and what they get on the receiving end is terrorists acts like 911, Iraq and Afghan wars and this kind of staff?
When will Israel, like any adult state be forced to account for his actions and words on his own (without parental cover-up of the US) before the international community and when it’s economy stops getting advantage from endless ever-smoldering war (thanks to the goodly ‘military allowance’ given regularly by the US)?
The US has always supported Israel – it allowed that country to do such ‘mischievous pranks’ that it never allowed itself. And the result of this was that it hopelessly spoiled this ‘adolescent state’, having done it more harm than good. I have long been puzzling what are the actual benefits the US tax payers get from Israel in exchange for their overzealous parental care and help. You cannot hope for the better as long as Israel has this sense of ABSOLUTE impunity and the privilege to do everything it wants – the privilege which the US had never allowed itself. In some respects Israel behaves like Russia, but the main blame for this is the US overindulgence.

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Answer by imfoxygirl
I’m pissd now and have been for along time.
In America you can’t really say anything bad about Israel or you’re a marked person.

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4 thoughts on “When will the US relly get pissed off by Israel?”

  1. Let’s see, how many muslims surround Israel today?
    It’s been a long time since I looked up the numbers but something like:

    And Israel?
    Not counting arabs the Jews make up 5.6 million.

    As an American I’m for the little guy.
    Go Mossad!!

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