Wiccans:why this happened while performing ritual?

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Question by Denn.S: Wiccans:why this happened while performing ritual?
Im not a wiccan anymore, before i was a wiccan..im doing this ritual, the ritual u do to become a wiccan..i forgot what the ritual called..so i was doing the ritual in my room. there’s no open doors and windows,there’s a wind and the light of my candle turned off.When i perform a ritual im having a fear and negative thought if im doing is evil.why there’s a wind and the candle light shut down, is there a bad spirit or the gods didn’t want me to join wicca?

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Answer by No Chance Without Jesusāœž
The holy spirit made you see the sin you were getting yourself into. God bless you.

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5 thoughts on “Wiccans:why this happened while performing ritual?”

  1. The Goddess works in mysterious ways. If you feel as if you’re doing something wrong, then more than likely it isn’t for you. I’d suggest holding off on the initiation for a while. Use the time to learn more about the Craft and other paths. If you still want to try after that, give it a go and see what She has to say then.

  2. There is no one ritual that “makes” you Wiccan. I think the most likely situation is that you imagined or just made up this event, but whether it happened or not, it screams that you need to learn a LOT more before you call yourself Wiccan.

  3. Well, it doesn’t seem that you know enough to even consider a self-dedication/initiation ritual. You really have to know it’s right for you before you choose to go down this path. For one thing, your “fear” and “thought” may have been a true feeling, or something that stems from the man misconceptions about Wicca. It would be understandable to be somewhat nervous since so many people would seek to attack you about it. If you weren’t ready or willing to face that, Wicca wasn’t the road for you. If you didn’t know enough to make the choice, it wouldn’t have been right for you (at the time).

    Otherwise, it could have just been saying that it’s not right for you at all. For some people, this is the right path for them, and for others it isn’t. You have the freedom to explore your beliefs, and where there’s many that won’t be for you, there’s going to be one that is.

    But yeah, I think that you may have been lacking the knowledge to really dedicate. It’s not good to dedicate to something you don’t really know much about. And I’m not saying you’re lying or anything, but the candle thing may have been you breathing. You make it sound like you were nervous, and most people breath harder when they’re nervous. I’ve done this before too, sometimes. I see the candle flicker really hard or something and then realize my breath was hitting it.

  4. So you had a high priest and priestess in you room performing the ritual. That is strange. Most covens require that you come to the coven stead for initiation. So you trained under a high priest and high priestess for at least a year and a day, but after all that training thought that some bad spirit didn’t want you to join Wicca? It doesn’t sound like you were trained very well.

    Oh wait, or are a teenager that read something in a book or online that you thought was Wicca and you thought you could do your own initiation without training and without a coven.

    BTW: Real candles can not “turn off”. If your candled “turned off” it was an electric candle.

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